How are you making gold?

Hello gang!
How are you making your gold?

I am currently working on buying up legendary engravings as the prices have dramatically dropped (amazing stuff). I prioritise fun over progression and I am in no rush! What is the point past argos?

Here is my current buying strategy for engravings.
#1 Book - Adrenaline
60% of my roster uses Adrenaline so I will be buying these to Legendary 13x nodes.

#2 Book - Spirit Absorption
I like to use this on alts, not for any sort of min maxing - I just love the way it changes the flow of your character. More skills per minute = More fun, IMO.

#3 Book - Ambush Master
Shout out to the Martial Artist & Assasin gang! Also for when we get the QOL front and backmarkers in the future, IMO this is a safe bet.

#4 Book - Cursed Doll
This is pretty much mandatory and the cheapest out of all the “META” damage engravings.

#5 Book - Keen Blunt Weapon Or Grudge
Whichever is cheapest, but definitely Grudge first if the universe aligns and this goes down in price, it probably won’t lol.

#6 Books - Contender & Pre Emptive Strike
Strictly for Chaos and Cube clearing. Makes this super easy and fast.

tip: Anguished Isle Daily.

How I make gold

It takes roughly 900 lvl1 gems to get to level 7 I believe, please correct me if I am wrong. In the current state of the game in NA/EU, there really isn’t a need to have these at Level 10. Proper Tripod prioritisation is enough for me.

How to get gems? More gems?
Boss rush is the main juicer for this. But I also try to nab them for under 20-30g on the market if I am lucky.

Juice, I mean fuse your gems to lvl5-7 and then sell to the market. Note: THIS TAKES TIME. If you are the type to day trade, this is not for you.

Future plans after acquiring the listed books above
All characters become Mat factories. This is the true endgame.

PS. You should hoard/farm gold until they release the legion raids. Don’t be the poor Arkesian begin in the streets of Nia Village. We can’t all be male gigolo’s like Stoopz

Please comment below: how do you make gold? Keen to see everyone's strategy!
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Since i can’t be bothered to pass ilevel 1340, i just sold most of my T3 mats and made about 40k gold since 3 weeks ago. I’m quite bored now tbh. :frowning: . But pushing to 1370 would for sure made me quit allready.

Royal Crystals because I have more money than time.

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I am in the same boat, but I am not bored. There is so much to do and to collect. Skill points and Skill runes are goals I want to reach as I love how much a rune can change a character’s playstyle!

This is completely fair.

I exchange maybe 2-5k gold per week to crystals for Mari’s shop. I just buy all the utility & grenade boxes so I can prep for the future legion raids!

I learned from a KR vet that battle items will run out quick when you attempt to do hell raids!

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I was selling mats but the market crashed for those. I am not sure how to make gold like I used to now. Hopefully Una gives me a couple 10k gold bars this reset :slight_smile:

I think it is a good point to save things up for when new content does come because then the wallets will be opened and prices will go up again.