How can AGS allow bots collecting gold chests from Una tasks?

As if the economy wasn’t ruined enough how can you, AGS allow bots to collect gold chests from weekly Una Tasks week after week?? I just handed in my weekly points for gold chests and again there was a whole group of bots next to the gold shop npc in Punika. It has happened for more consecutive weeks now.

The extend of bot invasion in LA has reached a point where you as legit player almost starts wondering why you even bother playing this game without cheating. Seeing something like this is a big slap in the face to the whole community who chose to play LA without cheating.

AGS please stop bots from taking everything this game has and find a solution – WITHOUT removing another gold source from normal players.


This is a bit of an unreasonable request. How are they supposed to filter out bots buying una gold chests when they are unable to differentiate between bots and real players? The only solution here would be to remove UNA gold and no one wants that, even if it takes it away from the bots.

There have been no bot bans for months now which indicates that AGS simply cannot identify them and certainly not that they are incompetent or being negligent.


Unreasonable request?? Are you kidding me? It’s unreasonable asking to remove cheating features in a game? Wouh I think you’ve either played too long and have accepted all the cheatings going around or you are running a bot yourself.

As I mentioned ina previous post, if AGS do not have the know how they should bring in consultants to solve it. Cheating can and never should be accepted.

Lol, you’re in a frenzy and your logic almost literally flew out the window.
I never mentioned any cheating mechanisms. UNA gold is not a “cheating feature”…

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Read what I wrote and don’t twist what I’m saying. Bots handing in Una points for gold chests should not be happening …at all

How about you read what you wrote and try to understand it.

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Ok so you’re on the bots’ side…just confirm the 2 options I gave earlier. It doesn’t change the fact that somethings need to be done about the obvious bot issues…now ALSO covering weekly gold income from gold chests.
I still stand by my point that if AGS wants to keep a product alive that players actually can and want to play they should find a solution asap…with or without external help.

but he is seeing one :clown_face:

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You got the :clown_face: . :+1:

It makes no sense that you both are defending the bots getting more gold from weekly una tasks. So if you don’t want to take the subject serious you can also chose to ignore the thread…or maybe delete your own bots:-P

I do not want the una task gold removed I want the bot invasion stopped.

wait how did i ended up in that , i just made a pun with his name :cactus:

It is down to smilegate not AGS and there are ways to do it but they either dont care or perhaps they are not experienced enough to implement decent detection or anti-cheat features.

I suppose AGS could do more as well by punishing RMT working with what they have. Imo the release is beyond the point of saving though it already has bled too many players and the damage to the game economy cant really be reversed.

Thanks for a decent normal answer. I agree with you how damaged the whole game already is and it might not be able to save. Too bad for such a beautiful game., and it’s always worth trying.

And for the other replies which only had one purpose: to sabotage my thread. Go write something meaningful…somewhere…instead of just wanting to destroy,

they nuked 500K bots in like 2 weeks…
devs can identify

the great botxit
after that bs pr 800K players nonsense

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No need to worry about that. Once that gold is sold to anyone both accounts will be banned and the gold is deleted.

I wonder if they decided to not do that again as it blew Lost Ark out of the steam top 10.

Can you please provide proof that we have that many bots?


I guess not.

I dont see anything in a video game as a slap in the face mainly because i realize this is only a silly game. Sure, bots suck but you have to realize they will always be a problem in a game set up like this one is. If it were an easy problem to fix, they would have done it already.

500k people just went on vacation that week entirely by coincidence.

It was summer. Most working adults were on vacation and traveling during that time. I know I was.