How can AGS improve communication for a future update?

Hi, things already happened; we shouldn’t be so mad about no update.
I am confused AGS did for us, and I would like to discuss it and make some suggestions for them to improve and how to communicate and update messages for the player.

You can copy and paste it for your morning meeting to report to your supervisor.

  1. Shouldn’t make a promise if the whole team can’t make a decision.
    (If something is not, AGS can make the decision, don’t make the promise to the player.)
  1. Shouldn’t announce the trailer before your team know the date could work.
    (If your team wants to keep player hype all the time, you should know the date for release or short video to keep the mystery style.)
  1. Shouldn’t put all the content in one patch; add new things and a slight change in one or 2week.
    ( ex: Yoz’s Jar and Raid content can be separate, keep players had a reason to log in, not just for daily.)
  1. Communication with the player about the news you can’t tell; you should tell part of the truth to let the player understand your team is struggling with something.
    (Tell the truth and let the player knows what’s going on at the moment.)

Suppose the deadline for all the staff working so hard but barely delivers on time. In that case, your management team should consider when you will provide new content for the player, not just release the trailer at the beginning of the month and delivers the content at the end of the month.

The problem is not about the new content releases delay; it is about trust.
We learn from the mistake and go forward.

I don’t know if it helps, but this is what I think.

I salute the effort but asking to AGS to improve their communication is like preaching in the desert.
They can’t, they won’t.

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At least tell our grandma we tried, right? Thinks that come with a negative attitude won’t make things better.

Be positive. ( Not Covid.)

But any STD would be fine then? Or no? Seemed very specific, what if I want to be negative, would be very awkward if a pregnancy test came back positive, as a male this would raise some questions.

What if we just say we are aiming for being positive, so that way if we are negative then it someone else’s fault for assuming we meant to be positive.