How can I check "basic Move Speed bonus percentage"?

Title says it all. Is it whatever the number I see over 100% under “Move Speed” in character details? Is it something else? Just want to understand how to properly calculate Raid Captain engraving for my character.

Thx in advance!

100% is normal movement, so yes anything beyond 100% under move speed is move speed bonus.

Max move speed bonus is +40% , tier 3 raid captain is 45% of that. 45% of 40% is 18% damage bonus at max.

thanks, bro.

how do you get 40%? and how do you know 40% is max?

It says 140% is max when you hover over it in the character stats :smiley:

How you get it depends on a case by case basis, i know a swiftness wardancer reaches 140% with winds whisper buff up.

Because it’s limited to 140%, you can’t go above.

1500 swiftness is around 125%, spirit absorption adds 140%, that’s the only realistic way nowdays.

One of the relic gear sets has speed bonus aura and supports always get it, so raid captain becomes usable for DPS classes using swiftness.

what about transformation classes like shadowhunter/scouter who have move speed bonuses when transformed?

Use rage runes and you’d have another source of movement bonus.

Yeah, that works too I guess. But the cap is 40% bonus movespeed, 140% speed total.

Yep works, anything related to move speed counts into raid captain.

That’s the “downside” of the engraving - you have no penalty like grudge or cursed doll but you have different percent bonus regarding your current move speed