How can i play with friend on another server?

Well… the title is the question. My server is locked, i created on another server with some friends and now is locked too…

Theres a way that i can play with everyone? I can´t add them as friends, so i can´t invite them for my group? Can´t raid or anything together?

you can by creating a group in the find party menu (I think) but you can’t play pvp together nor create a guild

No guilds,no PVP,no leveling and no open world stuff. Only matchmaking for dungeons/raids is cross-server.

Hi, I’ve tried to use the group finder to do a dungeon with some friends, couldn’t find their group & they couldn’t find mine

So, this will be a complety RNG on queue for raid/dg that we can play anything together? Really?

No, someone can make a group and you can join it.