How can I tell which slot earrings I purchase will go to?

Before I spend a decent bit of gold on the auction house, I wanted to know how to tell if an earring/ring goes to 1st or 2nd slot. For instance I have space earrings, and there is another space earrings available, but there are also destroyer and inquirer earrings that are cheaper with better stats. Just don’t want to make a bad decision.


they can go to either slot, but cannot have the same name. you buy one fallen chaos and one fallen aeon

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The slots don’t matter, just don’t buy 2 earrings named the same thing.

You can’t equip 2 Space earrings, you can’t equip 2 Destroyer earrings, you can’t equip 2 Chaos earrings.

makes sense. Thank you!

we’ll be able to wear ear/ring with same name in the future

You can put any earring in any slot as long as you don’t try to use 2 of the same name