How can SG drop AGS? Question for smarter people than me

Obviously there was a contract involved but what clause could be a possible out for SG at this point? Obviously assuming they want an out etc.

I don’t know anything about publisher type contracts like they have here.


Do you think your problems are going to disappear under a different publisher? Honest question.

Probably not. Game’s already unplayable. Can’t get much worse.


No1 can break the contract unless one or the other is at fault, there will be a big fine/consequences to pay if one dips out before the contract ends. That’s how all contracts usually comes into terms.

afaik the contents of that contract have never been made public… so there is really no way of knowing how or even if it would be possible for either party to break the contract. or what the repercussions of such a break would be.

in fact we know basically nothing about the true relationship between the two companies. This could all be something that was agreed upon prior. (The current relationship… not the current errors/dcs/ect)

But we can make fairly accurate assumptions I think based on the behavior we have seen this past year.

So do they really want to drop AGS? I’m not so sure :confused: they may be getting exactly what they asked for…


I’d take Nexon over AGS at this point.


I don’t think SG would ever drop it. I mean its free cash at this point for them.

Just wondering.


yo your delusional if you think the game is in this state just because of AGS, SG dosnt give a crap about this version of the game, and it shows.
How many times they have adresed the global community via a ingame message or post somewhere, ?!
Never so stop thinking that AGS are are the only ones at fault.


Great take!

SG would have to take on direct management of the game and the servers likely, including the translations and US releases. This would require them to either partner with someone else or hire a significant number of english speaking staff that would be willing to work during NA/EU timeframes. This just seems unlikely for them to do directly given they seem to have few if any English speaking employees now.

They could partner with someone like NCSoft or the like might be the other option. I doubt someone like Blizzard would

You act as if Smilegate isn’t the problem. They are the ones who don’t give a shit how badly they maintain our version. Amazon doesn’t code anything.


Why would they have to tend to NA/EU timeframes?
AGS is already not caring at all about EU, why would it be bad if NA gets the same treatment?


Yeah, they would have to have a publisher again. That’s the given.

Doesn’t RU have their own dev team in RU? I could be misremembering.

If that’s the case maybe someday… Copium.

I have heard this a few times but have never personally played the RU version nor have I seen any concrete evidence supporting that claim. Not that I don’t believe it mind you. Just never seen proof.

Yeah that’s where I’m at too. Never actually looked into it.

Why should they drop AGS? Do you realize SG are the ones that code everything? Its really amusing how many people here assume things without understanding any facts.

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well, it cannot get worse, so worth a try

they have to find another source of new server base which can contain all the bots and players , SG choose AGS because they reuse tons of server which AMZ leave in dust for years

Amazon doesn’t code lost ark, but they decide what comes in and out of the game. They decide what is best for NA players audience like the Yoz Jar. They tell SmileGate to recode, reshape, recolor, and redo things the Amazon way cause that’s how contract works. You want me to publish and work with you? I too have rules and regulation you must follow. This is not a Smilegate issue, it is a Amazon issue also. They are NA yet it seems like they are speaking gibberish language don’t you think. Cause they can’t seem to communicate very well.

There are limits to that. Good example is that Crystilline Aura in our version can be purchased with BC and it superior to the one in KR. However, things like Pheons are still in the game despite massive complains.

You also have to understand that this is not China. SG does not have to go with AGS as a publihser, there are the options out there. This gives SG leverage.