How can the players change their mains with 1 class release per 2 months

Sorry for complainig about that but since saw the Scouter class I decided to be my main. With the launch it not came out and what I see is that it’s gonna be one of the latest class release.
Now that the class release period change for 1 per 2 months, the 1st gonna be in July, the 2nd in September, the 3rd in November so the last class before release of the new classes like Artist it’s gonna be in January 2023.
Vykas will came out in June so I think Kakul will be August/September and the last one Brelshaza will be November/December.
So the last class probably will release after the last Legion which means we probably have our mains 1500+.
I hope that can give us some kind of Event or Power Pass or something to let us change our main without spending tons of gold and material to approach.

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the cost of honing goes down significantly because eventually alot of these mats go down 1g per 10 or like sub 5g for leapstones + all the catch up honing etc… the gear progression slows down a lot past 1460 and lots more RNG with tiny % successes

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It isn´t decided that Kakul will be August/September and it might be that there are more months between new Legion raid Releases because if we stay at this Pace we catch up to KR Really quick and then there is no new Content releases for a long while.

Also the Thronespire is the T3 Version of the Towers so that would mean (i dont play KR so i dont know) that after clearing it on one character the rewards for Alts will be Honing Materials.

I mean knowing the tempo means you know when to save your mats till… switching mains is something you plan for, the more time you have the better.

It’s just because changing mains is really expensive in KR. The accesories and engravings are expensive and the time u need to spend since the class release just if u haven’t enough gold for all the tries and mats

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You need to be planning for it… like building ur 6 gold income characters now… building gold… buying gold books that will work for your current main and future main etc

I hear that the T3 u clear just 1 time with 1 character it’s not like the T1 and T2

As said i dont play KR so i dunno could be we will see.

Depending on the time you prep you can have MORE than enough Gold/Mats to get your class up to current content.
It´s hard to manage if you are one of the people who easily fall into Rage honing or stuff but if you know how to handle your Gold it´s doable even without 6 Gold generating chars (i only have 5 chars in T3 and dont even do my weekly oreha on some, still got enough gold to Hone my Destroyer lol)

Pretty simple

  1. Make an estimate on when your class will come
  2. Save your mats which you don’t need after you got your current main to the content you want him to play in and your other 5 alts to at least 1370 - from here on, hoard
  3. Gather gold to be ready to immediately buy books and items and tripods for the new class
  4. Wait

While it won’t happen in 1 day or even 1 week, it is what it is. I swapped to Lancemaster after pushing my main to Valtan Normal and then saved everything. Now my Lancemaster ist 1460 with 5x3. It took me 1.5 months to surpass my old main completely but i didn’t even came close to saving enough mats or having enough alts.

Long story short, don’t sweat and be smart and calm about what you do and what you don’t do

I have 5 alts in T3 and main 1460, the problem is that I spend barely all my gold pushing to Vykas Hard to now push the rest of my alts to 1370 just to make more gold. I don’t have so much time to play and 2 months ago coudn’t play for near a month for my job so i got stuck and now that my main hit the ItemLevel of the majority can relax and do more things