How can this go unnoticed for all these weeks?

Come on! RMT is getting completely obvious in the AH and the daily volume is completely insane. Delete this gold and ban those players. Just from the first pages its more than 7Million Gold! This is just too much!


Because this is allowed by Amazon


yo why dont we put some items there too for same price maybe we get lucky

Finding an item with the same combination of engravings is easy, but then it’d be hard to match the quality and timestamp lol

Those trades are saved. You dont need to find the item just the one who got the gold.

With my luck the moment i do is the same amazon starts banning people for it. So, sorry but i am not going to sacrifice myself for you all…

It has been noticed but they just dont care

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well as far as i see they have no way of telling whats legit or not so probably thats why they dont ban ppl

They were saying that u can post an “identical” item to trick the gold seller into buying it, but it won’t work becoz of quality and timestamp

They don’t have GM’s & even if they did have GM’s they don’t have the software to permaban in game = nothing will ever be done about things like that. (Atleast on the in-game side)

As i understand is there is literally only automated systems for handling banning etc.
They don’t have in game GM’s at all.

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Getting it though “Luck” is not possible. Minimum Bid serves as a PIN-Code where the seller knows which one to buy. Thats a lot of gold and money. Certainly no Bot-Farm will give it just away.

i mean AGS should have all the logs and they could just release a massive perma ban wave anytime lol, all the people doing RMT could be banned today or tomorrow or anytime

no what i meant like , they have no system to tell whats a legal purchas or rmt d on the ah, so i dont think any1 will ever get banned from there

What? This is clear RMT! There is no reason anyone should believe otherwise.


are you serious? You can’t tell?

wdym, in other mmos ppl literally put garbage items on ah for millions just for fun
how can you pinpoint everything precisely that its clearly rmt when real ppl have been doing things like this since forever?, not everything is about rmt lol

anyway, you guys are missing my point like the ring of saturn
im saying they probably have no way of telling that its a legit player just putting items for irregular price or its a seller
meaning they wont ban any1

Those games that allowed such excuses are failed games. Like wow. This does not happen. And if you wanted to trick a goldbotter into “giving” you gold you are still inducing botted gold into the economy. So still gold deleted and get banned. If this keeps going on crystals will cost 1k gold soon and then f2p players will leave in waves.

wdym wow is still the most popular failed game ,lol