How can you compete with this?

Power advantage for whales, wasn’t that the issue with Yoz’s Jar?

What happened to:

“First, some background. It’s important to us that players have a path to acquire items from our in-game store without spending real money.”

“Every advantage is critical as players engage in Lost Ark’s challenging activities, like the newly introduced Legion Raids.”

“We didn’t want players to feel that the skins found in Yoz’s Jar were necessary for gameplay, especially if gated by a significant monetary or in-game currency barrier, which is why we’ve decided to remove Yoz’s Jar and the skins from the Wrath of the Covetous Legion Update. Flexibility and fairness to players have always been driving forces in the partnership between our teams as we work to ensure that players are able to enjoy and play Lost Ark however they see fit.”

Yet they put these in the cash shop:

[3+1] Special Card Package (June and July)
LOS provides insanely more powerful advantage than legendary skins. Also, legendary skins can be obtained with BC or Gold. This pack can only be acquired with real money.

Punika Growth Support Pack x4 (if you were able to snatch 3 first time)
Growth Support Pack x2 (June and July)
Weapon Support Pack (July)

Summer Skins, mounts, pets all locked for RC meaning whales can buy them and sell them in the auction house for more gold to even get further ahead. No way f2p can catch up.

Powerpass skips meaning whales can afford more characters to T3 endgame content way faster than F2P and generate more gold.

BC boxes for RC meaning more items from Mari’s secret shop for even more advantage.

On top of that they Sell Gold for RC. RIP F2P. Unless you have no life, you can’t compete, game is whale only mode now, and is being further pushed in that direction.

They said only items like name change, guild name change, character slot, character customization, wallpaper, titles with no virtues. However, it’s not true, it’s insane power advantage now.

How is this different than diablo immortal?
Game has gone full P2W mode, guess only whales will remain.

Glad they removed Jar.
Glad I spent $0.

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They should decide on one direction and go with it instead of pissing off both sides.

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They didnt remove yoz’s jar because it was P2W
they removed it because gold sellers were mass swiping stolen credit cards to buy skins for gold


What can you not do that a whale can ?


Oh no a p2w game having p2w methods :joy:

Not like this wasn’t crystal clear since before launch


Thats what i want2know as well…
I only bought the silver edition so far and can play anything i want (Main 1475) and alot 1370+
I dont know what the whales can do what i can’t do.


i dunno why ppl cry about whales? you wanna be f2p Competetive?
i login everyday do my things like i want em to and logoff. Theres no rush. Theres no need to be Itemlvl 1600. My Main is parked at 1475 atm full f2p beside the archepass.

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It’s not the goal to compete with whales though?

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Im ilvl 1470 f2p and i have cleared every content the game has to offer…
if this is about MVP I have outdamaged 1400+ ilvls on my 1370 alts before… if you are a shtty player it doesnt matter how high your ilvl is…

If you can go in Vykas Hard with a whales and F2P… if F2P players die a Whale in the same group is not clearing it…


careful m8 4rum andy dont like anyone above 1415 f2p

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Hate to break it you but there’s a 99% chance you aren’t going to interact with whales in any content. So you can stop complaining about it.

If you spent $0, you never supported this game, and therefore can probably understand why the game’s developers gives 0 shits about your $0 opinion.


Game is much better than diablo immoral. With addition Scouter and legendary skin it’s all i am asking. There still many ways to obtain legendary skin without Yoz jar or another gamba / gatcha simulation. TBH i prefer they give us real value just like this swimming skin costume

Protip: they don’t care about your opinion if you’re not Korean even if you’ve spent $100k.


I wonder what it feels like to spend thousands on a game and then watch it die within the span of a few months. Glad I spent $0.

You saying Lost Ark is a dead game?

Wouldn’t know, I haven’t spent thousands of dollars. But I did buy a Platinum Pack which has worked wonders for my game enjoyment given I was able to sell the Skin and Mount for about 200k gold, which helped me buy early +12 Grudge/Keen Blunt books which I now run on all my alts making gearing incredibly easy.

$100 on a video game I’ve sunk about 1500 hours into at this point is a pretty fair deal IMO, even if it goes poof tomorrow.

That said, the game will never die while you have static groups for content. Sounds like you need to make some friends.

(As an aside, your name is hilariously ironic given your rant)


Mr. “DeepPockets”,

Joz jar = lootboxes.

Lootboxes = banned in some eu countries like netherlands and belgium, and soon, more.

Lootboxes removed so they can launch the game in Netherlands and not be banned in the whole europe soon.

Skins = no loot boxes. You get what you pay for.

If you cant afford them, then its not ags problem. Every game sells cosmetics. Specially f2p players.

Even valorant sell skins for 100$.

You cant afford, buy with gold.
Do you get it? Is not hard.
A f2p game sells you things to survive.

AGS didnt remove the Yoz Jar for the small 0.00001% feedback from 10 people with 10 bot accounts on forum making multiple coments.
They removed them so EU will not ban Lost Ark from more countries.

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Mr. UsernameNotFound,

8100 RC Card Packs = Lootboxes with insane significant power to player than Jar

Lootboxes are not banned in Netherlands, EA won their case there and AGS followed after that ruling.

Post speaks about power advantage from RC exclusive items, not cosmetic items for sale.