How can you explain the lack of action against this?

I understand that the excuse from AGS/SG about the lack of action against bots since they argue that people who create bots “Can create them faster than what they can delete them” and because of that it is not possible to hire someone just to be deleting/banning these accounts.

Taking a character from lvl 1-50 and the all the way to 1328 doesn’t take 15 minutes even if the mats are injected (which then could be tracked to the source). If so why do we have people like this advertising gold RMT on the Party Finder?

@Roxx @Sandovall @Seawolf @Shadow_Fox ?


tell u what tho if you buy RMT i bet you that u will be banned next day

and bots increase current active play numbers they will get rid of them a few weeks or so after Valtan (when people take a break because no new content is the excuse) or add another useless thing to prevent them for a while till they back again

you know instead of actually fixing anti cheat

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bots increase the player count numbers to make it look like more people are playing. Its good for business. Also amazon doesnt even want to pay their factory workers, why would they pay a support staff to read reports and investigate/ban? Their team of customer service reps is probably like 5 people

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