How come my account still not "trusted"?

300$+ purchase history that is clearly have been more than 30 days…

Didnt have mobila 2fa so i just enabled 2fa and still not trusted…

This is legit dumb…

expect to wait for almost a month, you can search on forums for other people with same problem, there’s lot of posts

You can spend 3000$ and after that maybe amazon will consider you worthy to play it’s Free to Play game

300 bucks? mah dood you’re basically f2p. ofc you’re not trusted

Hey there! I’m sorry to see you’re having some issues with the “trusted” status.

I have moved your post over to our Game Support section for some assistance.

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Hi @Blooh

Hope you are doing well!

We understand the frustration when the requirements for trusted status don’t work properly.

I don’t mean to sound repetitive but I can confirm that we are unable to grant trusted status manually. We don’t have the tools or authorization to do it from our end. Our Developers have reviewed the scenario and are aware how, even after the requirements to make the account “trusted” are met, some cases are taking longer to reconcile between Steam and Lost Ark.

I recommend you to wait or contact steam to check when the Trust Status will get granted by them.

We apologize all the inconvenience on this.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf: