How come scrapper is so OP?

Insane damage, easiest rotation, incredible mobility… anything else? xD I mean… i dont mind it when playing it, but compared to other classes it’s a joke… Not fair at all in my opinion.

Its not scrapper, thats entropy classes in general

Scrapper is an allrounder class that’s in a good state rn but it’s not broken

Sure, deadeye is just as easy and everything as scrapper is, right


for me it’s really broken… doesn’t make sense how easy it is to play compared to the damage it does and how easy it is to adapt into every fight. Anyway my personal opinion

The taijutsu engraving has all of your named benefits but this one also doesn’t deal the crazy dmg what does is shock which is alot less comfy to play especially without fitting synergies

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all the skills have almost no animation… istant milion dmg skills, no risk… and no cooldown. compared to the other 5 characters i play… mmm this is a joke really… anyway sure it’s fine xD

What other chars do you play and what ilvl is ur scrapper? Taijutsu?

yes my scrapper is taijutsu and lvl 1415. I have 4x3 and i costantly mvp on deskaluda… I can solo it aswell at the required level without struggle. like i litterally fly above the birds head xD i mean… it’s super fun to play and super smooth… but i think it’s a bit too much compared to other classes/specs, even a bit higher in ilvl than scrapper, all with 4x3 and with good builds.

my main is gunslinger pm 1485, then i have shadowhunter demonic impulse, glavier pinnacle, sorc igniter ( really underperforms at this level i know ) and deathblade surge. and they range between 1415-1445.

I play since begenning but at slow pace, and free to progress, but i love to study the classes, their skills, sinergies etc so i never straight jumped to maxroll or other build sources, but always getting there by experimenting and comparing. Anyway I know some of the other specs i play are just harder to play, but what i mean is just that, compared to how easy it is to play, for me it yelds too much power…

forgot but also mvp more times on valtan normal mode which is item 1415 with 30% dmg done… i mean xD i think thats really exagerated… but i dont know maybe it will even out at higher level…

Alright on that ilvl tai scrapper is pog true but also makes you saying it’s so much better than other classes pointless because no relic set, bracelet etc


yeah maybe like you say at this level, for example the sorc igniter at same level more or less is really not comparable but i’ve been told that it will shine at higher levels with better stuff…
Anyway ok xD gonna keep it like this to feel the power… :stuck_out_tongue: cheers

I have a igniter sorc that mains it in my static. With 1750+ spec you do 1 combo, got full meter and then do like 300-400m dmg with 3 skills in raids which is completely busted

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ohhh nice! thats some precious info to know for me, just yesterday i asked how much spec i needed with sorc to make it fun to play. kind of xD but couldnt get an answer on spec number. i was getting a bit frustrated because of the slow gauge filling up compared to others. But i’ve been told that yeah at some point it will change completely.

i just hope i can bring it to that point before the game will die… numbers are so low already and im on euw… so im afraid not enough time xD

Anyway yeah i seee thats’ huge… it’s fun to play tho and requires good predictions and knowledge of the boss mechanics. so thats smth at least x) and its squishy.

ty for the info anyway!

Igniter sorc and Shock scrapper are just super silly. Easy gameplay and insane damage. I often wonder why they remain the way they are, as they’re clearly on another level.

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Have you heard of wheelchair artillerist ? And people need to understand that being an easy class doesn’t mean that you have to be weaker than other harder classes it’s the whole point of gameplay diversity

When the fact that a class is easy to play means that an average or below-average player with that class can perform as well as or a little better than an average player with a difficult class, then you’re in the sweet spot. There’s gameplay diversity, as you say it, but also balance.

But when easy to play classes are also the top tier performers… Well, then we have a balance problem. Those classes will become overused, classes that are both more difficult to play and not as rewarding will become underused, and you’ll be also lowering the skill ceiling. Your gameplay diversity argument flies out of the window. You get less diversity, not more.

And that is what you need to understand.


Igniter is extremely slow and vulnerable though especially in latest legion raids it’s not comfy to play at all. Shock scrapper is also not that overpowered when you have to sniff their butt if you want to hit ur spell if they don’t turn or just run out of it

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Tayjutsu is not op and feels nice to play.

Shock is a complete and horrendously boring to play. Thats why it s op

That is how they seem to be balancing classes lately, giving extremely opness to specs which arent liked or used by most kr players and finding a reason for them to play it.

In these cases the reason is op dmg

Igniter is broken. Full stop. Anyone stating anything different is just deluded or fears a nerf which should have come already months ago.

That is all true. They’re spec afterall. But that’s equally true of other classes that face the same challenges but also have more complex rotations, are more punishing of your mistakes in terms of DPS loss, and just have less overall damage.

There is a reason everyone always lists them among the best DPS classes.

Compare them to, say, Arcanist, which can really shine in terms of damage but requires skill and practice to reach that level.