How come the only posts on this forum are negative/toxic?

There’s like 10 posts up right now, about half of them are complaining about stupid shit like lacking Silver or honing and the other half is people talking about how AGS is bad or how Amazon will scam you.

This forum is low quality trolls baiting low quality humans, if I had to moderate this forum I would’ve resigned off my job a LONG time ago lmao

Where’s all the guides/tips/tricks and shit? I want actual game play conversations and an actual community because this place is incredibly scuffed at it’s current state.

Do I just have to go to and avoid main forums to find actual game discussion/content?


That forum section is more dead than my server, I appreciate the help though.

u answered already

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Because negativity sells more than positivity… it is the same reason the media is successful …

maxroll isn’t a bad option. Run, the AGA Definition of Amazon game andies are coming for you

Edit: just ignore the negativity. I know it’s hard

This post already makes you one of the crybabys :open_mouth:


Did you both see the post about some guy saying they should just remove honing?? Like that post got thousands of views like wtf, who even clicks on that shit and actually thinks that’s good conversation lmao.

I also see mods posting and then people shitting on the mods as if that’s somehow going to making them want us help the community more :rofl:

You can start your own game/content discussion thread and if it is interesting people will join in.

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Seems they would rather add to the negativity. :rofl:

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Its a new KRMMO coming to the west with very predatory monetization while being handled by one of the worst gaming companies to date. What do you expect?


A working brain is not required to post here… I don’t have issues with people who want to constructively criticize something about the game… but the nonsense requests are hilarity.

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People who are upset are more vocal. That’s pretty much it. You’ll occasionally see the “This game is the best!” posts but most happy people just play the game and ignore the forums.

Because the other content if already out there. It’s not like the forum provides you with skill calculators, builders, or anything useful like that, you’d be linked to somewhere else anyways.

This is the only place people think they’re heard (ignored).

We expect a bare minimum of being able to play the game that is already published elsewhere, so we just have complaints left =D.

I rarely see toxic posts, I find your post to be toxic to be honest because it doesnt contribute to anything.

Just because people dont like something and suggesting changes doesnt make them toxic. They want the game / product to become better.


You had an oppurtunity to post something positive about gameplay and you chose this topic. Sort of goes against the grain of your complaint. If you want something to be a certain way than you could try and lead the way.

Nice alt Puffco, even jerking yourself off in your old thread…


Hello there Puffco, how are you budd? weird to see you got banned for 9 days on forums, who woul’ve had thought :clown_face:


i think its becasue the daily routine is f boring right now and the content is on hold because people cried way too loud. Its just a front between casuals and non casuals. Also i agree with people that smilegate/amazon sucks because i still havent recieved my egg pet from prime gaming, i wrote to all 4 supports. ( forum, smilegate, amazon, prime gaming ) and every single one either send me a automated email AFTER I TALKED TO THE LIVE SUPPORT or told me to message the other support ROFL. If a developer is incompetent to add a pet to someones account than i have no hope in the first place. Imagine you 100% the games content and at the end you are missing a pet because the support is incompetent yeah have fun with that one.

its the same as in new world. The people who play 15 hours a day realise there is nothing to do in the endgame meanwhile casuals defend it. 1-2 month later casuals end up beeing in end game too and realise the " nerds" were right. → game ded. And why all that? because people who werent in higher lvls of the game cried so loud that amazon delayed content.