How could amazon make such a mistake?

Do you know how much I prepared for this?

They are useless… fking joke of a company, why the fuck did they open a game division… i hope someone else get the publisher rights for lost ark, amazon is complete and utter garbage.


copying pasting something created 2 years ago, come with a BUG,
so funny


Ah yes! The publisher is definitely at fault when the build the Dev is trying to push had some issue when they (Smilegate) tested it so they are asking their publisher for a delay.
Stop throwing a tantrum and pointing amazon as the sole responsible for this.
While it’s a shame that the update is delayed tell you what, it’ll give you a bit more time to stack on those mats.

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[quote="Jakkass, post:1, topic:330613, full:true"]
Do you know how much I prepared for this?

How will you tell your boss that you are feeling better and will go to work tomorrow??


Actually they ONLY made mistakes with their gaming division.
Anything they touched is ruined and failed.
Let’s see how long they take to ruin this 5 years successful game …

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