How Dare LA make money! Make it easier! And other forum whines

Sometimes I truly wonder about the player base in games these days. They all seem be whiners that want everything for free and everything easy. Ok, for you people I have some disturbing news. You had better sit down.

First, many of us know Tripod, Smilegate and AGS are companies wanting to make money. Mind blowing isnit it? They want to pay their staff and server costs, give out some Christmas bonuses and invest in their next title. They have a game you can play for free if you chose which is nice of them but their core agenda is to make money and I for one don’t want LA to be overrun with ads everywhere because people whine things aren’t free. These companies are not charities for your personal happiness. And as for how much? Thats up to them bucko, not you. If you dont like it there are other products As far as entertainment goes I have spent about $200 on this game and gotten near 500 hours of enjoyment That’s 40 cents an hour. DEAL. No movie would be that cheap .

Second, many of us like a challenge. We LIKE that complex mechanic on the raid, the sense of accomplishment at surviving the cube level, the need to figure out how to defeat a raid boss. If you like a game with an “I win” button then this is not for you. I cant say how many times it has annoyed me having lazy people come into a raid without a clue who just want to pound their QWERASDSF keys and whine when they get wiped. Is it really too much to ask for people to just THINK on occasion? There are plenty of crappy games with “I WIN” buttons, go play one of those and leave this one for us please

There is a difference between feedback, bug reporting and whining because you are greedy or dont want to expend the effort to overcome a challenge.

End of rant, flame away.


Been watching the same movie for the past 3 weeks, I wish they changed the reel for something NEW and EXCITING.

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There are tons of things to do in ark, your “same movie” is a YOU problem

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This is getting old you know

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No one is forcing you to stay.

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But there is.

In the same sense why are u forcing people to leave? Maybe it would be more profitable to make this game more easy? And exclusively make money from gambling addicts and “booba”.

Because I am sick of easy, trivial games and ADHD Greedy gamers who dont want to use thier brain I LIKE the challenge of a raid. There are plenty of other products that are easy. Leave this one be.

“They’ve got to make money somehow” doesn’t really work when being fair for all participants is the entire point of a game. It’s why most sports leagues strictly regulate players gear, for example.

Obviously F2P complicates things, but it’s perfectly reasonable to draw the line at directly purchasing power.

But like u said they are a company and they have mouths to feed. So they need to attract a broader audience that is willing to pay more money without questioning the content. Propably mobile gamers?

Ok Comrade, its not for you to say what amount of money is fair. No one is forcing you to stay. I have the choice of buying a pass, a skin or an aura and if I don’t then I dont get things that others who bought them did. Why are you so greedy that you have to have it all for free? I am guessing you work full time hundred hours a week for free and will for the rest of your life? No? Hmm … :thinking:

If you think LA is challenging in any aspect you really should try out some other games.

Best of luck to you in those other games Go in peace.

Not my point, but you are clearly “challenged” in this game.

Guaranteed there are plenty of people that like LA the way it is and give them money. The only worry is the vocal 1% on the forums will ruin it for us all

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Ooooh … a personal shot … i’m devastated. You have destroyed my confidence. I am so lost without the approval of some random unknown person somewhere in cyberspace.

He probably wont get the sarcasm

And proving my point, have a good day sir.

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And there are many more that like to throw money in just for the gamble of it. Propably their target group is people that throw 10.000 grand or more so they can one shot content and flex. You need to face your 200 bucks is just the minority and that you are just a 3rd class costumer for them the faster the better.

Not if they are in the groups I described. Those people want everything FREE … FREE this and free that … sheesh. Not a lot of $ to be made from that entitled bunch.

I also have the choice of complaining about it in the hopes that Amazon doesn’t bring this kind of crap to our version. You know they already changed the cash shop extensively in our version to remove honing materials outside of Mari’s Shop, right?

Turns out there’s more to the equation than just people “wanting everything for free”. It’s almost like you’re arguing against a strawman or something.