How detrimental boting is to new players?

I for one didn’t know how bad it is in low lvl areas but recently i started to do Solas runs for the card deck and only now i saw the gravity of the situation. Starting areas are full of bots, maybe 1/10 is a player and i wonder what a would a new player think about the game when he sees this ?

Does amazon know how destructive this is ?


I’m sure they are aware as they’ve made that clear. What is your simple 100% fast fix solution for this issue than can be immediately applied to the game ?


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I’ve seen this used in some other games efficiently but it only works under very specific circumstances where certain actions are taken repetitively or where certain actions taken by a person or bot would vary significantly. How would you suggest the captcha be implemented in Lost Ark to be effective at reducing bot activity ?

Random pop up with random activities that require real time human intellect to resolve. For example 4J53 click this from this tab 5J43tkwe (random example).

Which activities would these captchas be applied to, how often would they appear(general intervals ex. every 5-8 minutes, as a precise interval would be easily bypassed) and how can this be done so as not to consistently inconvenience players to the point that it becomes more intrusive than the bot problem it’s supposed to remedy ?

Tbh captchas at login wouldn’t be a bad idea, some other games use this

A captcha at login is no more efficient than the username and password required to login to steam.

I have seen it in other games it was a random window and there was no way to automate this proccess it could either be from 1 minute to 24 hours but when it happened and you failed you was jailed and reviewed by a GM. The captcha triggered when you were doing activities that interacted with enviroment example ( dealing damage , fishing , talking to npcs) Being inside a town would still get it triggered if you didnt click the “AFK” button. People loved this system as it keeped the game clean , it was kinda annoying but they all supported this for a pure gaming experience.

I understand that, however many players of lost ark are abnormally sensitive to any inconvenience as can be seen by the majority of posts on the forums, texts in the in game chat, posts on twitter etc. Although this is simply the vocal minority and doesn’t encompass the majority of players, it’s still a large amount.
I can see this being accepted to a certain degree, especially if there was a minor reward for completing the captcha(perhaps 5k silver or something similarly small but high value) but nothing seems to be enough as people are complaining about the free gifts acquired from AGS.
Now you have to take into account that Lost Ark does not have in game GM moderation software and this would take a long time to develop especially since it would have to be done by Smilegate and not Amazon. What then would happen to players who failed the afk test(captcha) due to various possible reasons?

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Catchas don’t stop industrial-scale botting. There are many services that let you feed capchas to humans to solve for pennies when a bot encounters one. Amazon even runs one of them.

Dude if they dont do anything the game will die anyway. Just hire a few gms and apply those type of things , if doent work out just publish another failed title and go bankrupt.

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That’s correct, but it does limit the activity of bots as there are limitations to human capacity.

As I literally just mentioned. Lost Ark does not have GM moderation tools/software and it would have to be developed by Smilegate RPG which would take a long time to create and implement.

Well dead game then they shouldnt have expanded that not an excuse. BYE BYE

No one said it was an excuse, but the facts are simple. There is no fast fix that will solve the bot issue and no developer has succeeded in doing so. Any measures taken against bots will require time to implement in a way that is not more intrusive or inconvenient to players than the bots themselves.

Well nothing we can do then RIP lost ark no one is gonna play a casino gatcha simulator with 0 integrity to the money/time spent just to do one raid here and there.

The thousands of players still in game including myself will attest to the inaccuracy of that statement. AGS will eventually find a solution, being impatient and quitting a game because bots are present and annoying is a decision you make on a personal basis. Don’t think that your decision applies to anyone else or a majority of the players.

Human to bot ratio 1/6 enjoy your fantasy

You want a capcha that would also block real players?