How did you decide this roadmap AGS?

Hello AGS, Wondering if you really listen to player’s feedback. Since you always says that you need more data to release something.

Few questions:

Base on what/which data you decided to release the Arcana/Arcanist?

Releasing Vykas too soon while most of us are struggling to upgrade to the required item ilvl. Some of us aren’t even sure if they’re going 1460 ilvl because their waiting for their main to get released.

Did you base the Vykas release to your players having 1460 ilvl? Or should I say Bots having multiple account with 1460 ilvl?

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You don’t need 1460 for Vykas. I agree with you on the class release.


You actually need vykas early so she works as a stepping stone between your valtan normal to valtan hard progression and for the relic sets to be completed, you are just blinded by your fomo and you fail to use your brain to realize something this simple, they can (and most likely will) slown down with clown.


Vykas needs to follow Valtan quick in order for people to finish their relic sets and being able to use Gear Set Conversion otherwise content stagnates. People that are 1460 and wanna do hard mode right from release are currently ahead of the curve, the majority of people are about 1400 or 1415 and close to being able to do Vykas Normal. Hard Mode doesn’t give anything special afaik, its just more mats. You should not see this as race. There is no rush to do Vykas early. You will have multiple weeks if even months to finish your set and catch up in iLvl. Kakul Raid won’t come as fast as these 2 and we will sit on relic gear set for multiple more months

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As far as I can tell their source is “Trust me Bro.”

AGS has thus far shown zero of the data behind their decisions, while justifying everything with said data that we don’t even know how they collect. (or what it is.)

I don’t see that ever changing.

To be fair Vykas being released this early makes sense since normal mode only requires 1430 ilevel and you need her mats to finish the relic set. It makes perfect sense. However classes being released slower than initially with Glaivier and destroyer feels so terrible. I struggle with even logging in the game now a days. Especially the 5k plus long queue times. We as a player base asked for two things (majority) Faster class releases and skins. They’ve failed on both regards and they’re being too stubborn to at least release classes faster for summer…. Where a lot of people are off and have time to kill. They should have released two classes for summer and released the summer skins, but no. For a company that seems to care about profit, they sure seem to be missing the mark on opportunities like this.

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The data is simple.

The game hype is good right now so they release less popular classes, ppl keep leveling their current character because no one wants to play them.
Then, when people get further and further up the ilvl ladder, the higher the cost for rerolling to a new class is. So, when they think is a good milestone, they release the more popular classes and they get a higher profit ceiling from people rerolling.

All they’ve said about the class releases is bullshit. Roxx saying destroyer was released to help valtan due to “high stagger capability” is bullshit or they just don’t do any research into the game (since few people play destroyer and there’s even less of a need for it with valtan or any commander raid tactics).

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Absolutely true. I looked at that statement and wondered how hard Roxx warned them “People will know this is BS, can I get a better line please?” before concluding it didn’t matter.

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Op slightly clueless

OP, Vykas normal is what you are looking for and it’s 1430. Why you miss normal modes and speak directly for hards one??? In EUW which is behind all other regions people over 1415 right now are many. I am 1450 lvl, i needed it 3 weeks from 1420 to 1450. Do you think 1430 Vykas is too early after 2 weeks???

Sure, I see more destroyers then solfists, deadyes and strikers in the game right now. And if you are looking for destroyers in Valtan, don’t you think without powerpass is not easy to be 1415 for 2 weeks when you need to start from T1? Btw Destroyer is a so much fun, if i knew he is so awesome i would wait him for my main. He is like 2 steps ahead as gameplay then the others.

First, your anecdotal circumstances don’t change that destroyers are vastly less popular than soulfist (not sure deadeyes) and strikers, also part of my point takes that into account, that since it released relatively soon you won’t see them much. Secondly, Destroyers have no more impact in Valtan than other classes. The highest role that would have an impact on valtan and upcoming legion commanders are more pools of supports, at best, not another dps.



I am quoting popularity data from other regions though.

How you decide destroyer is vastly less popular then soulfist?? Any statistic?? New support will not do anything. The people who will play Artist are the same who play now Bard or Paladin. People don’t want to play support. This is a proved fact from Korea and any other MMO game out there. And like it or not Destroyer and Arcana has unique playstyles. People want new gameplay to have fun. This is the most important. Valtan or any Legion raid is second priority.

When discussing our region?
Alright chief

Well yes, its the only data available since they have access to API. Citing any kind of popularity here is kinda scuffed.

I am talking about CLASSES that have an impact. I never mentioned if people wanted to play them or not.

Destroyer’s playstyle is not unique, it depends on charging skills, sure, but not unique. Arcana yeah, its unique, and I’m sure people will love playing with situations when you get an empress card and you wipe, and you don’t get her again for the entire night.