How do I change Skins, one to another?

How do I change Skins, from one to another?
For instance, if I wanted to change back to the Goggles, or to the Paper Hat?
If this has been addressed in another thread please direct me to it.

Hello @leorkerr

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You can switch your skins by equipping them directly from your inventory by right clicking them.

Another thing you can do is to create presets in the character section by pressing P and going to the Skins & Virtues section, that way you can easily switch between preset outfits.

Hope this help, see you in Arkesia!

They were consumed when I right clicked them from my inventory, is there another list or Ui panel window of equipment skins I am not aware of?

If you press “P” it will open your character screen, here you can see the tab at the top Skins & Virtues, This should list your cosmetics, hope that helps.

where is the skin supposed to show up? I can’t see it after equipping it