How do I do Alakkir properly?

Hi everyone,
So I have Alakkir Island soul, but I still need to go there for sea bounties. However many times I went there and ended up with less than 5 people when the big chickens spawned.
I know there’s an Una task that requires players to kill small chickens, that’s why they all leave before big chickens.
Is there any way around that? How do I get into an instance where people aim for the bosses and not just small chickens? Even if I’m in a group, there are only 3 guaranteed people (other than me) that are willing to stay for the bosses.

Join the popular open seas channels, then join a group. They’re more likely to ask be there for the soul or map.,

beat chicken solo

Going to alakkir to not do the chickens is bc they either want the rapport item or just the daily una for leapstones.

Your best bet is trying to join the active channels. I usually find enough people on group activities in ch1 or ch2 depending on availability.

I’m done with both islands but sometimes I’m free and I join spida/alakkir groups just to help people be done with those dailies

Thanks everyone for the replies. Now that the Una got changed, this won’t be a problem anymore.