How do I get Lightning Damage?

Can’t kill the guardian

I am item level 500 and he is 420 but still can’t scratch him

Cards but it’s a long way to fully awaken the set. You don’t need lightning damage though. Make sure you have correct stats, skills and 1-2 lines of engravings. Post your build?

Using the optimal damage type helps but isn’t everything.

Some classes have skill options to change damage to other types. Not all classes though. You can throw elemental type grenades also for a bit.

When you’re brand new Guardians aren’t generally something to solo. There’s a ton of power unlocked over time by Runes, Skill Points, card sets, engravings and general understanding and recognition of mechanics.

Usually if you ask in /zone chat someone will help with guardians but it’ll most likely be a super high level character who kills it immediately and not a real fight.

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