How do I play if every 30 minutes crash?

hello I’m here because I don’t know what to do anymore, I had continuous crashes every 30 minutes from the release, when crash I do not receive any warning, and last week when it happened I always managed to return without a queue, with the arrival of f2p now when it happens the following message ‘we’re sorry’ appears. cannot connect to the server due to heavy’.

I understand the queues given the great interest in lost ark, but what I can not accept are the continuous crashes.

please do not send me any procedure as I have already followed everything, present in the answers in this forum.

I hope for those who have to work on this because evidently the game suffers from some problem, or server or optimization that crashes continuously.

sorry for my English but unfortunately I’m not a native speaker I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.

While I appreciate you are frustrated I’m confused as you have asked how are you suppose to play lending itself to you asking for advice, yet 4 lines down you say don’t send you any procedures as you have done them all…

Its likely hardware your end as is most of these issues when they are isolated to a select few.

I played for 9 hours straight today on a 4 year old laptop with a 1060. Pretty sure the problem is your hardware, mine isn’t great but it runs just fine.

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I used a question but it was meant to be a sarcastic way to express what is happening, only on lost ark i am having problems like this, this means that the problem is not with my hardware, so somehow i am trying to spread the word, although it probably won’t fix anything, but at least I’m doing something.

I have no issues playing. I suggest updating your software i know there was an update just yesterday for nvidia. Then if that doesnt work delete all lost ark files and redownload the game. I would assume a file is corrupted or something.

it’s not just me who is having problems here on the forum you can find hundreds of problem discussions, some suffer from crashes others not, in my guild of 150 people, many are having problems and can’t even play having bought the platinum pack

It very well could be your system even if it is the only program acting funny. It happens.

I haven’t had one crash at all. Level 50. Not one…nada zip zero. But my rig I am sure is much different than yours. There are bugs, no doubt. But not fatal ones I have seen.

So, post your specs including peripherals (no joke, I had a mouse driver drive me nuts one time).
Complaining without offering any sort of real detail goes into the /dev/null from here on out.

Is your system overclocked? If yes, put it back to factory specs. Doesn’t matter if all other programs are fine on it…it still can be an issue for something different.

Fix your computer and you wont crash. No one else is having problems. Its called operator error. By the time it took you to complain about your inability to fix an issue you could of fixed the issue.

I want to specify that I updated to the latest nvidia drivers, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, installed Microsoft Visual C++, cleaned the registry with cclean, I followed all the best practices here on the forum but the result did not change.

now the last thing I have left is to format the pc but I think that from experience nothing will change because many are having problems and because it is only lost ark to create this.

btw this is my spec:

i7 6700k - 3080 - 16 gb dd4

check ur antivirus. I can play nonstop, no issues at all.

thanks for your usefulness

What brand is your 3080?

Founder Edition

Is anything on your system overclocked?

It is unlikely you have to a full fresh format of your drives over this. That is extreme.

Does just the game crash, or does the whole computer go down? Is there a blue screen error code displayed?

i have all as stock, at this point I will try to format, thank you for the interventions, I will update later

@Addictedgmr I do not have blue screen and I do not receive messages, simply the game closes without saying anything, before this I have a slight freez in game

If you want to play and didn’t simply come here to make a complaint thread. Try creating a thread in the “Games Support” forum. The one that says “If you are having issues with your account, client, computer etc, post here”.

I am absolutely not here to complain indeed my intention is only to play this beautiful game, I will try as said if the problems persist, I will do as you said

If the program is just ending, it will be logged by windows and give you clues on why it crashed. Open Event Viewer and locate the crash. Sometimes you can start narrowing down what happened.

Best of luck.


In task manager does the total RAM match what you have installed?

Have you tried disabling shadows or lowering video settings?

Your bottle neck is likely the CPU since it is from 2015. Although the graphics card probably made all graphics options auto-select to the max, certain things like shadows consume more CPU than GPU. This game definitely draws a bunch of CPU, maybe more than necessary.

If adjusting the video settings doesn’t work close all other apps completely. Including things that sit in your hidden icon tray like google drive or OneDrive.

Another thing, close all windows of Chrome/Edge and IE. All of these browsers have known memory leak problems that will tank your system’s performance.