How do I play if every 30 minutes crash?

Yes, the event viewer specifically the application log might point you in a direction, but as I said you are probably capping your CPU out.

If not check your thermals with some sort of CPU temp monitor. The CPU might be thermal throttling itself and stopping high use tasks to protect itself from overheating.

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I checked the register with a friend of mine and there are no critical situations, unfortunately I know that my cpu limits me, a future upgrade is already planned

Definitely an easy fix. You are way overthinking it.

I was finding I was crashing a lot - I was trying to track down which app, change BIOS settings, etc and when I thought I had it I still crashed - I lost patience and just did a re-install of windows - took a couple of hours to do the re-install and get key apps and games re-downloaded, however it seems to have fixed the problem - worth a try if you have tried everything else ?!?!?

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update: after formatting as I feared the result has not changed, I have individually tested all the components ram, cpu, gpu and there is no error.

as recommended I opened a ticket and amazon support is taking care of it.

I think there is some hardware incompatibility at the combination level which creates problems.

I played in RU before the release for 3 weeks without any problems obviously the global version is different, I hope for a future update.

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Fix: Game keeps crashing every 15-30 minutes

im rather sure its on your end, may be some windows issue or something with hardware, may be provider issue to (friend had provider with routing table going from EU to UK through USA 2000+ ping) :slight_smile:
Try traceroute to amazon servers.
My doughter once fought with my optic fiber (signal quality dropped by 80%).
If you have 2 range wifi (2,4GHz & 5GHz) or posibility to use cable try it (windows 11 can do some crazy shit with drivers, i got dc every ~10 mins on 5GHz until driver reinstall) :stuck_out_tongue:
You can try ping -t server and your router to see if it drop packets.

Anyway im 100% sure you have not do everything on your side to be sure its not there as to diagnoze such thing take hours, sometimes days + extra hardware & software :stuck_out_tongue:
Different apps have different network usages and different tolerances to packet losses so that one thing is working ok not mean everything will :wink:

yea thats like 30 ppls on like milions players, now find what they have in common in their setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like an issue with your specific system. Try upgrading your RAM, could be that the game is running out of it. Try lowering the settings, check if nothing is overheating, update your drivers, etc. There are like a million different reasons it could be crashing.

Another thing you could do is check your RAM for damaged sectors. I had 4 4GB sticks back in the day and some more demanding games would crash at a more or less specific time after launch. I ran diagnostics and turned one memory module was damaged, which explains why games were crashing after playing for a while - RAM was probably filling up, game was getting to the point of writing to the bad sectors, not being able to do so and simply crashing.

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The game could use further optimizations of course, not saying that is perfect but I never had a single crash in Lost Ark, and that includes the RU version as well.

So it’s either software, like operating system, configuration settings or is hardware related. Happens when weak hardware is pushed to limits, like the mainboard power delivery (just search mainboard related terms like “10-phases at 50A versus the others running 6-phase at 50A” to see that one mainboard vs. the other can be and IT IS vastly different; and then comes power source quality, GPU build quality and how far is pushed to get those numbers, while likely sacrificing stability and making it more prone to crash than another GPU from another manufacturer)

I know pointing out that it’s hardware related sounds harsh, and that includes hardware firmware as well (for example mainboard BIOS) which rarely if ever is fixed, they rather expect you buy a new one – but it’s very true: many crashes are hardware related and not just software, because they just can’t handle the stress. In most cases the user can’t do anything about it, just buy another, trying to be smarter next time in picking something that isn’t pushed to limits to win the review charts but instead adjusted to be slower, steady and safe. Good luck with finding such products, they rarely exist, and expect to be premium priced.

I just switched to a Ryzen 5 5600X that I built myself and had to go through all that market research for mainboards, and it’s really a hell, so many lies about the power delivery parts for example. Luckily I ended up with a stable system, I underclock everything and never allow to be used at 100% capacity, to avoid system instability.

This is the same WIn10 install as before, just hardware changed and it’s drivers, and have no crashes where I had with the old system. It’s sad, because we can’t just change hardware easily, but when others don’t crash and we do, than most likely is hardware as well.

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friend how do you say that the problem does not exist have you read the discussion? many complain of problems with ryzen and 3080 some with 12th intel.

anyway we can make many assumptions or tests of all kinds we can say that 6700k is the problem (even if not entirely) lost ark runs on UE3 and was created on dx9 and run on toasters pc I don’t think my cpu is that bad, that limits the gpu but I turn in 2k and this helps, the cores are never at 100% of use.

i played on heavier games like new world or CP without any problem, then I repeat i played the same game in RU for 3 weeks and i didn’t get this, so i think besides the fact of the servers that are saturated, our amazon to other problems to deal with.

ok I misunderstood forgive me, that’s just what I meant too, you have summarized in a few words what the current situation is.

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Just another suggestion for things to check. Check your power supply. Does it supply enough wattage for all of your components? It could be degraded performance due to a power supply that is on its way out of this material world.

I’ve run Lost Ark on an older computer with lower settings and it has been ok, although it does stutter at times. I know New World caused issues with 3000 series cards, so it might be that issue resurfacing. Do you have an old card laying around? Might be worth throwing it in if you do.

your suggestion is definitely right, i had problems when i got the 3080 i had a cooler master 750w gold which was not enough.

I immediately take a seasonic 850w platinum not even 2 months ago so I think the power supply is to be excluded.

30 minutes at a time?

Cleaning the registry with ccleaner was probably your biggest mistake. Known for messing up PCs

it seems i found a solution to windows criticality check ‘services.msc’ i discovered the error code which is the following 0xC0000022 it appears to be attributed to the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable.

I also installed the old ones for safety

I crashed even after installing them but I found a way to fix them by creating a bat file with the related strings:

@echo off
date /t & time /t
echo Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
echo …
date /t & time /t
echo Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
echo …
date /t & time /t
echo SFC /scannow
SFC /scannow
date /t & time /t

if someone can use to copy to the notepad and rename bat files maybe it can help those who may have the same problem

last night it seemed to be going better, this morning before the maintenace started to crash again, I hope with today’s patch it is solved.

How was last night better? xD
People got randomly kicked because servers started destabilizing last night xD

I am having the same crash problem with 6700k cpu. Hope u can find a problem solving and tell me :smiling_face_with_tear: