How do I price Accessoire for 9/7 Stone?

I hope you guys can help me.

I recently dropped a relic earring:

98 Quality
299 Spec
5 Pinacle
3 Grudge

Im struggling now how to price this. I made the math and 5 Class Engravings seem to only make sense if you have 9 7 Stone which probably almost no one has.
And when you have 12/12 secondary Engravings with a 9 7 Stone you can achieve:

Edit: It also works good with a 5/7 stone for 5x3

Now how much is it really worth when the investment to even use it is extremly high. What do you guys think.

Why is this acc for a 9/7 stone?
With 2x12 engravings (books), accs all 5/3 and a stone 5/7 u are at 5x3 engravings.
At least i made that with my main, maybe urs is different :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. I might be too bad at this xD

So what did you pay for your accesoir or what would you be willing to pay for it?

Still both legendaries are a very big gold investment its really hard for me to price this. I dont think I will drop anything close to this anytime soon so I want to make the most of it to get my legendary books

Your better off getting legendary books instead of trying to roll a 9/7 stone.

Put it this way, you have a 0.07% chance to roll a 9/7 stone
Even a 9/5 which is more standard is a 1.34% chance
the other option is a 7/7 stones which is 5.04%

well, i bought my stuff pre the rmt wave, and the missing necklace in the middle of it.
Rings/earring i paid around 2k each, the necklace was a lucky shot for 11k instead the 40-80k others wanted for it. So I would think around 2k-2,5k is fair.

I hope you mean 20-25k because there is no accessoire on the market even close to that. And the one with 26 Qual being priced at 60k though no one is buying that I guess.

You can try ur luck, but AH seems to be pretty hard atm.
I got some really nice accs, ppl in AH want like 5-20k for it, I set them in for under 1k and i sit on them the next three days, till it returns. And this is happening since the botban, none seems to be willing to pay those prizes anymore, or are even skipping AH cuz it went so mad the past weeks. The best stuff to sell are the stones, they go fast for a nice amount.
After I get those stuff returned, I dump them, not worth to collect more of it.
So yeah, gl! :wink: