How do I redeem Founder's pack to start early?

I just purchased the founder’s pack through steam for early access, but steam library says that Lost Ark is ‘coming Feb 11’ instead of Feb 8.

When I try to redeem founder’s pack DLC, it says I need to install base game of Lost Ark first…

Shouldn’t steam library say ‘coming on Feb 8’ since I have the founder’s pack? Worried that I won’t get the early access which is why I bought the founder’s pack.

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You can download the game tomorrow (2/7). On the 8th the game will open servers and you will gain access.

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That pack should update in sync with steams pre-download when it goes live. No-one can redeem it yet. Then install, wait till early access launch, login. And lost ark is coming Feb 11 to not confuse people.

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Technically the official release date of Lost Ark is February 11th which is why Steam shows that date. It’s to not confuse everyone. If you bought a Founder’s Pack and it shows up in the DLC list within Steam’s Lost Ark page in your library then you are all good to go on February 8th.


If you bought it on steam it is already linked. Once Early Start starts you should automatically be able to play.

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This is the comment I looked for when I googled this issue.

Thank you.

Thanks for above information. Basically this means the greyed out button I have now in steam will become available at 5PM GMT/6PM CET?

NB: I do have the DLC attached to Lost ark AND the pre-load (around 60gb) has been downloaded.


The game wouldn’t let me launch in steam until I restarted the steam client. It kept saying Feb 11 still.

Hope that info helps someone out there

Same issue as well, does anyone know how to fix this?

I downloaded the game and I added the DLC.
This is what it shows “Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack is already in your Steam library”
But there is no Play button.
And the game it shows on a “Connection time out” and it keeps trying to download it.
But I already did it.

Anyone can help?

Steam is having issues. They’re trying to fix it.

Refunding and waiting until Friday might not be a bad idea right now. It’s not like anyone’s names are gonna be available anyway.

I see everyone else playing but I am stuck with this.