How do I report this gold seller at Agros party finder?

Why player can’t ctrl right-click on people’s names at the party finder to report when needed?

Dude literally boosted a character to T3 to advertise their website.

Should be Ctrl-click then select “report”

can’t do that, try it in a party finder, I can’t ctrl right click on people’s names at all xD That’s why I’m asking if there is another way, like a command.

Failing that try private message Roxx. These type of public posts naming people will be closed and deleted. Due to privacy issues and such.

Nope, I’m here also to ask if they can add a feature where we can report people at party finder. It’s not a personal matter… Can’t dm Roxx every time people find one in the party finder.

You certainly can ask. I am just telling you the forum policy. Naming threads will be deleted. You might want to blur out the name if you want this thread to stay alive.

Here is the original post.

There is a link to report players.

Well, I’ll do that then. Not sure if the rule will apply though since this is a gold seller. They should not be even counted as a player. Also, the evidence is pretty clear, not like an accusation or something.

It’s probably a sold or hacked account.

Usually is either a boosted acc or a stolen acc they use as fodder for advertising (Pretty common in FF). Remember gold selling websites are still shady territory.

Look at that roster & territory level tho lol.

Doesn’t matter though. What triggers me is there is no way to report him in-game. He has been there for like 2 hours already.

I submitted a ticket a week ago and the same people are still advertising on party finder. Does this game even have GMs?

T3 with Stronghold lvl 5? Something is wrong there. :smiley:

Obviously not and the report function probably only kicks in if a player/bot gets mass reported by people. Automated systems doesnt work, see WoW today.

I won’t waste any more time in WoW, I’ve played it enough for a life time, WoW and Tibia are the same for me now