How do support characters play lategame?

How do support characters play lategame (raids etc.)?
Are they simply damage buff providers and debuff the boss to take more damage while occasionally healing the group which sounds quite boring or is there more to it?

You can ‘make’ more of it but that’s the baseline.

Like Vykas 3 sometimes the supports also throw sleep grenades or intercept extra lust orbs to help the DPS from being mind controlled.

With a keyboard and mouse or controller?

with keyboard and mouse

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yes, it’s just as boring as dps. U press ur skill and dodge boss attack, that’s all to it. The difference is that dps see number (wow exciting), supp no big number (meh boring).

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After looking into it, bard seems more interesting than paladin due to more interesting positioning based play. Speciality bard even seems more timing than skill spam based.

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I usually use keyboard and mouse on all my 4 supports in end game, BUT also want to try a controller in Brelshaza or caos just for fun.

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As the raid get more difficult I’ve found support more enjoyable to play. Though I can only speak for bard as I’ve not played pally. Clown was really when I decided to make my bard my main. Preemptive using CC immunity and DR is really fun. You have such a big impact on the raid as your kit is ridiculously OP. You adjust your playstyle with your teams skill. You play more defensive if your team needs it or if they’re very experienced you can focus more on providing dps to quickly clear farm content. You won’t get MVP when your team doesn’t need heals so if you’re an MVP goblin you might not like it. Other downsides are the majority of the player base has no idea what you do, so it can be pretty thankless at times and people will flame you for no good reason.


The only thing DPS does is put on synergy and do damage.

In the end it’s whether you enjoy it or not.

You can make it fun by helping as much as you can.

  1. When are you supposed to rhapsody/godsent? do you want to just spam it?
  2. Focus on doing all mechs to make your DPS friends play smoother (e.g. counter all skills while backattackers can focus on staying behind)
  3. pull dangerous aggros away from your teammates (e.g. the ball thingy in brelshaza gate 5)
  4. Do the harder mechs your teammates might have difficulty doing (e.g. take mario 3 and 4 since we have high movement speeds, or take 8 orbs for brelshaza 5)
  5. Be the raid leader, and do all sidereals perfectly and call out timing (brelshaza gate 6)

It’s about YOU. not about the class

I’m a DPS player that made a pally cause i wanted my supp friend to wait less when he wants to play dps.

So at the beggining it was boring but i slowly started to like it, is like a chill playstyle.

Instead of raw damage you want to keep the damages buffs up 100% of the time and you eventually start shielding when it matters and not just spam the thing.
If you want to go further you should know every class and when are they going to deliver their best skills to buff them up right before they burst

In the end is as complicated as you want it to be.

Depends on who you’re with.

The general answer to your question is yes.

But if you play with some serious pumpers, it can be a lot more fun. Find yourself a huge burst class friend like an igniter sorc or something similar and see how utterly stupid you can get by min-maxing with stimulants, atropines, dark grenades, etc.

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Spec bard is something we will start to see a lot more after ancient gear, I’d imagine. That’s when I’m going to build my bards their spec offsets. I think the burst windows will be ridiculous in the farm raids.

I still think Swift spec is better in general, but there is absolutely no denying what that 3-bar can do with a spec bard.

I play 3 bards and 1 pally

1x Specc bard 1540 main ,1700 specc, i love him , and his playstyle you actually have to think and since clown and brel its really the best class and specc for me period

2x swift bards, they are easy to play you just spam you spells and if you time your shield , you dont have to worry about heals , but you loose alot of utility cause you cant do alot of dmg buffs

1x swift pally … its booring as fuck , you run around like a chicken, smash your buttons in the correct order to have a good shield and buff uptime … run around, touch some gras, wink at every stagger check like "hi im here aswell "

but its all personal preference , if have alot of friends that like the pally style , cause you dont have to think alot … perfect for alts or raidleaders

its same like every dps class , everyone like diffrent classes and builds

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Sadly i find the same thing when playing paladin. If not because the paladin has gorgeous body and all those big muscles like my eye candy daddy Chris Hemsworth, I would have changed my support main to bard by now.

ahhh daddyyy. Oops sorry for being such a simp xD

It’s boring. Very boring. I have supports for two reasons:

  • because everybody needs to have one or two or we’ll always have a shortage
  • because I am still catching up to older players, and having a support allowed me to join raids more easily to learn them and to get reclear titles.

But I cannot ever say that I play my paladins for fun. The gameplay is plain and boring. I think there are three main reasons for that.

  • you deal basically no damage, so there is no point in trying to weave in attacks in-between buffs, which would make it a more interesting experience
  • your buffs are not targetable, you just click and poof, everyone is buffed / shielded. With pally, the one thing that requires a brain is godsent law, which is a small-area spell. This makes the gameplay so chill it becomes boring. It’s good if you wanna learn raids, though, since it allows you to focus almost exclusively on the mechanics and attack patterns.
  • there is no feedback to your performance. The MVP screen means nothing for supports. You don’t know how well or poorly you’re doing. And improving your own performance is one of the most rewarding things in the game.
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Lucky they’re building new system to show your effectiveness in improving your teammates damage. That is going to be the best thing for support

if you spamm all your skill on pally you are doing it wrong mate…

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I think i do some things wrong, some right , then at the end my pally alt manages to Clear 1-4 brel , thats i want

as long as noone dies from not enough support and we doing it before enrage , i would say i do atelast that right , that i reached my goal to finish the raids progress i want to do ? right ?

same for dps aswell, it does not matter if you did the most dmg and so on the goal is , to finish in most cases

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someting some endgame support should still learn (atleast its my opionion) to support the full team and not just the back or the frontatackers…
saw more then enought supports in Brel g4 wo stay at 1 spot and they dont even think about moving so in the end only 1-2 players get 10%dmg and atack/move speed buff (in most cases its the back atack class)
same as better uptime on the synergie skills i still see many sups who cant get a good uptime on the 10% buff on the boss even tho is possible to have a 100% uptime(atleast on swift build) if you dont miss the atack.

I play them with a lingering pain and a headache as I see people making it their mission to avoid every heal I can provide.