How do we still not know the value of Royal Crystals?

The game comes out in less than a week and have no idea how much 7000 royal crystals are worth. This should be a simple answer, right?


Roxx said earlier that info will be on an update in the next couple of days

It sounds like we may find out tomorrow. @Roxx mentioned just a little bit ago they were right in the middle of finalizing all the monetization details as she typed it 2 hours ago.

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and then what?

And then what?

If you know the value of the crystals then you can gauge the value of the founder packs.

In all honesty, it shouldn’t have even taken this long. It’s a little concerning they are waiting this long to release the monetization video. It’s four days until release.


I can only assume that Royal Crystals have a 100:1 ratio since that’s the standard. That is, 100 RC is more or less equal to $1, or each RC being worth a penny. I could be wrong, but most likely, this is what they’re going with. Considering you get 7,000 RC out of spending 100 dollars, but also get non-game items akin to a special edition of a game, it seems to me you are spending around $70 on the game currency and bonuses, and $30 on side collectibles.
The gold, likewise gives you 4,000 RC on a $50 purchase, so that’s likely $40 of in game currency and $10 for the Crystal Aura/subscription and founder/pre-order bonuses. So yeah, it looks like RC value is 100 RC per dollar spent.

Yea but what can u get for the 7,000 crystals in game? Case if outfits are 2,500 that’s more than I would spend on a game but if they are 1,000 count me in! I know it’s the same amount out of my pocket but it’s all about value. I know I get sick of things fast so I need a wardrobe paying 2,500 for one skin leaves me with regret after a week, where as at 1,000 each I feel I can just afford more easily.


i’m willing to bet most cosmetics will be 500-1000, maybe 1500 or more for “premium” or “limited edition” full model skins. Most likely, they’ll be prioritizing actual micro transactions in lootboxes for crafting materials and/or keys to open specific drops in the game. Either way, I suspect the majority of what we’re buying will be 100-500 RC for consumables and lootboxes, with the upper limit being 1000-2000 for permanent skins and auras. Not sure if they let you pay for Crystal Aura with RC, but if they do, I imagine that’s also a 1000 or 1500 RC for a month of benefits.


That would be a good price structure if it were true

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Heres a spoiler: 7000 Crystals = $70USD :smile:

Seems optimistic, I would spend so much if they do adopt that price structure. My guess is its gonna be more like 2000-2500 for more basic avatars, 3000ish for premium ones

i love to spend money on cash shops but i refused to be ripped off at those prices. It takes the graphics designers maybe a week’s worth of time (40 hours to 60 hours maximum) to design a high end armor suit from sketch to finish so you’re talking about several thousands of dollars of development time, ONE time, to create it… but you’re going to sell it at astronomical prices?

Digital items need to be priced more realistically so that more people can buy them rather than less sells for same amount of money.

It just shines through a company’s greed when they price things beyond the average players means for something they will never physically own and eventually one day become non existent.

To put that in perspective if graphic artist makes 35 dollars per hour at union type wages and spends 50 hours to develop that’s a cost to the company on the employee’s time of 1,750 plus margin on top for operating costs. So you can assume the base value of the armor suit is somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000

If we go on the high end and say it cost 3,000 to develop at roughly 10.00 per skin (assuming 1,000 crystals cost 10.00 and the suit costs 1,000 crystals) it would only take 300 purchases to recover the cost. They are selling tens of thousands of each of these armor suits on the cash shop if not more. It’s worse even than how a fountain drink costs like 20 cents to manufacture but they charge 3.99 at the drive thru for it.


When push comes to shove I will buy myself cloths before I my character… as tough as she looks I’m still the boss!

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Seriously, are we going to get any official info on monetization before headstart?

Nope and I get the feeling we will not before early access…… shady communication from shady company Amazon …. Same stuff different games…. (New world now lost ark)… at this point i expect nothing less from them…. I get it is the weekend and none of them are working till Monday…. But this Is info I feel we should have had…… I am excited for the game… but hate how Amazon is treating the community and potential customers …… call me jaded from crappy new world… but same crap is starting here ….

Hope the gameplay, story and player base can keep the hype alive… and Amazon’s lack of communication, potential greedy monetization and other shady practices can be balanced by gameplay

Redundant and nothing new being said… fingers crossed for smilegate to carry the load

They even dont know exactly the naming rules of this game also how the founders packs will be linked so you expect really to share important information with us?! xD

They want you to buy the founder’s packs.

It really does feel like they’re going to wait until the last minute to release the information, so it makes it more difficult to refund.

The founder avatars, pets, ect., will likely be bound to your character and crystal prices won’t align with what we want/believe. They know a lot of people would likely drop their founders pack to bronze if this is the case so they’ll just wait into the last second to tell us.

There have been multiple threads on this topic while it has been avoided. Pretty much tells you all you need to know.


Yeah, really can’t see any other explanation for delaying this for so long.