How do we use the punika powerpass?

i feel really dumb for asking this, but i have a lvl 50 charcter, and when i click powerpass it just shows me the powerpasses i can buy with royalcrystl.
yes i claimed the powerpass on my main and right clicked it.
pls help

It should have (1) on the image. You just click “Use Pass” and it’ll use it unless you haven’t consumed it from your inventory yet.

once you redeemed
go to the character and use that


ohhh i see, im a dumbaaassss, i didnt read, thats mb, thanks

anyone else had the issue of; after right clicking powerpass, then going to character select screen, and then not having anything show up? i cant even buy it with crystals, the 5 options say no image and Use Powerpass and Buy are grayed out.

My misses just used hers and its gone… Does that mean she lost it? It was the free one earned in game.

same, was explaining it to my dad, and walked him through it, and he took a scrn cap, and yeah, same thing, so hopefully they were just removed with the purchasable ones cause of w/e issue was happening. hopefully it’s still there for us to use…

Is it going to be fixed anytime soon? Would love to be playing over the weekend…

I had to exit the game and come back in, then it worked for me. Going to character screen wasnt enough.

You were able to use a powerpass?

don’t worry it had me for a minute too