How do whales complete their adventure's tome cooking section?

On every mmorpg i love to have tons of skill points specially when those can be used to access a new vfx and power for my abilities.

Cooking section was easy until rohendell and punika so a few days ago when i got exhausted of killing monkeys to get bananas which should be tagged as unusual or epic drop imo i tried to buy some to speed up the process and i reliazed anything cooking tome related was untradable.
So as i laughed in despair i thought on the tittle question.

This is not a complain i played some mmorpgs before and there always have been this low % drop item needed to create something gear like or usefull it personally drives me insane cause it’s not my thing even tho this game makes it extremely easily setting 2 respawns perfectly timed so i don’t need to walk a lot and i can kill monkeys on loop.

Well back to the whales how you do it?

P.s: I love the way the game manages the gear grind with daily and weeklys

find another person farming banans and party up farm two diff spots and rotate every 7~9 min rotation you can farm two places at a time. It took me 2 hours 10 bananas but my friends did in 30~40 mins together

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Thank you i’ll try to use that in the future as i’ve already got my bananas but i wonder how they did that, there are only 2 yellow mobs who drop bananas that are close enough to solo looping it.

Also collectibles aren’t the worst grind i love how i can pvp inbetween making every second of the game count but it kinda triggers what make me left other mmorpgs in a tiny tiny tiny way

Anyway whales tend to have less time to engage with other people and make groups so i still wonder if all their adventure’s tomes are at 90% or something like that xD

I did it alone after 3 days of farming. I only farmed the closer one to the middle of the map.

Good luck my friend I hated every minute of it.

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In KR people pay money other to collect collectibles or complete adventure tome for skill points. Im sure NA also have it too.

There’s a nice spot you can go back and forth to perfectly hit gen time for 2 banana-dropping orangutans. Took me about 1hr~1.5hr solo to get all the bananas needed (filled out a good number of collectibles while I was at it too)

What? They take no longer than a few hours in every continent. The real issue is the silver drains.

Also the whales just don’t do it. Look at their virtue stats some time. Whales literally don’t care about horizontal progression.


The cooking ones are untradable so you are saying the pay ppl to log in their account?
I would be afraid of my internet id being compromised if i did the same

Does a whale know how to cook even?

If i were a whale i should also want every skill ppint posible in the game while skippinng the grind which was painfull for me xD

yea I heard they will collect all skill points adventure tome for 60 bucks

U dont even need the cooking items in for example punika to get the skillpoint

but i feel like ur post is just passive aggressive lol

Well i’m struggling with punika 80%

Moake gets reset often and everyone leaves

The second quest is locked behind una’s task but it gives an ominium start to get the 2nd one so i’m working on that

How did you get to 80% ?

thats how i got mine, all the food items are the easy ones to get except i guess the moake one and the rapport is albion

Just an honest question, what makes you think that whales don’t play the game or don’t have the time to do activities like these?
I’m not F2P, I bought both gold and platinum pre order chests, and spend 100€ extra right now, so I wouldn’t call myself exactly a whale but nevertheless I spend money on this game. And honestly I will buy more in the future, for convenience reasons (insta una for tooki - I hated it soo much glad to have finished it, skins etc you name it).
It’s not like I, personally, don’t play the game - I play it a lot. And most whales I know are doing the same. Some things are just inconvenient like farming these cooking mats, but if there is no way around it we’ve to stick to what the game is giving us, farming them on our own or in a group. ^^

You good sir are a gold fish in the vast ocean xD

I’m sure that whales play the game but it was the faster way of asking “how do people who don’t want to spend time grinding the cooking adventure’s tome pay to skip it”?

I got an interesting answer above that korean whales pay ppl to log into their accounts and get it for them

Also if you work and have little time to play then it must suck when you have to use those free times to just kill monkeys on loop

Well i see 1 rapport and collectibles almost done there plus the 2nd quest that is Una task locked and moake so yeah it will take me time to get there

True, but I think cooking is something that I can just do sometimes on the weekend when I have nothing left on other activities. No need to rush them in my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am F2P but even i would have pay tons of gold to get those bananas i got my collectibles almost done while grinding. I’m surprised i didn’t get a “gorilla mass murderer” tittle while at it xD