How do you feel about receiving BC as rewards?

For example you get to choose after finishing Argos/Legion Raid what reward would you want. Instead of Chest for gold, it’d be BC for gold at a fixed rate.


Why would they do that if people will just swipe for it :rofl:

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Always thought it was bizarre (and cheap) that this game doesn’t give royal or blue crystals as daily login rewards. Even gacha games include premium currency in daily login rewards every month.

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Gold = BC anyway so what’s the difference.

In KR you pay in BC for those chests… (idk if they changed it to gold or not yet)

they changed that in december 2021.

Gacha games use the currency for gacha, the mechanic the entire game is built on. Gacha in this doesn’t require royal or blue gems. No reason they would give it to us. You earn your daily gacha hone by doing chaos instead.

Because they did at the beginning of the game when they introduce Europe West, so people where going on this region and create characters on every server to accumulate BC and buy Aura with it. Was patched quickly.

theyve changed it quite a long time ago iirc