How do you get HP potions on an alt in the beta?

So i leveled a character and i have like 600 HP potions which is great for that character, but the beta gives you a second character boost. Thats great but now that i have a second character i dont have any HP potions and F1 potions are locked in all relevant endgame content. The internet says that you can craft them, get them from chests, or buy them from players that have crafted them, so if you can buy them you can trade them right? but i cant trade any i have (even the ones that dont say bound) nor can i put them in my shared storage, or mail them to my other character. Is crafting them really the only way to get them? cuz theres only 2 days left of the beta and i would like to play my second character without wasting a whole day farming crafting mats in a Fing beta. thanks for any advice!