How do you get more stats?

Hello guys

left character got more stats compared to mine even though im using relic acc’s ( quality is decent and i have more stats on acc’s compared to his )

am i missing something?
help appreciated :pray:

The quality of the items get you more stats, maybe he has more quality on his items than you

Seems like you’ve compared your acc qualities already. How about completed card sets?

does it boost that much? on card sets, i have decent completed card sets i guess, never delete any card

Pet buff? 1620 is a lot for legendary stuff… kinda wonder how he got that.

Could have food buff, completed a lot more sets, that usually ends up giving 50+ more spec if yours is lacking.

I’m also curious, because my quality on all items is pretty high and I don’t even have over 1500 spec with legendary and this person has 1620!? Maybe some kind of food buff…?

idk, some people say its a bug where pet buff is applied twice on inspect

That’s weird but that also would about add up…

That’s a common bug when you inspect people.

For some reason their pet stat bonus is doubled, so that guy has 1.6k+ swiftness with legendary accessories, which is literally impossible, even if you had 100 quality on each piece.

Max with legendary accessories is like 1570, with relic it’s around 1680 if everything is 100% quality and you got all the una reputation, rapport swiftness.

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First I’ve heard of this. Good to know. I feel like I inspect a lot and never had this happen, but at least now I know so I don’t have a heart attack lol

Yeah, when I did Valtan there was another Paladin in the lobby with like 1720 swiftness that got me titled because I have “only” 1660. Then we loaded into the raid and he had ~1580.

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