How do you get the new stat dismantle thingy to work?

I’ve been trying this and I’m still getting things w/ crit/domination or just 1 stat items w/ endurance.

Do you need them checked and then it will filter on the stats? It goes by way too fast for me to be like did that actually work for the right stat or it seems like it’s just dismantling everything.

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I noticed i got an endurance ring with no favorited engravings on it too! It was only the one and the rest worked fine so i am also confused haha

I set up the favorite engravings on the first character and realized that the favorite option was not caring over to the next one and I don’t really have a list to make sure I even did it right the first time so I think ill probably have to make sure I have them checked on each toon before trying to use that option.

Changed it to the following and it seemed to work, but the last item I received from the bonus screen of the chaos dungeon gave me expertise and 5 Quality

The bonus reward doesn’t drop the item, it places it directly in your inventory. The auto-dismantle doesn’t look at those.

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OHHH that makes perfect sense.
Brain on patch day doesn’t work for me! Thank you xD