How do you guys feel about kungabungalunga?

I felt as if he was a super sponge of an enemy, took my group 12 mins for a first clear with some VERY QUESTIONABLE tactic choices like “avoid the geysur or youll get frozen” during the chillstorm lol.

We were all 1470+ 4x3, tacts could deffo do with brushing up but overall i think imma stick with my deska fiesta until the next!

How do you feel aboit kowabunga turtle?

Did it in 6 mins but can do desk in just under 2 so will stay on desk.

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Very easy fight in general, for me personally.
People refuse to bring battle items, which costs a lot of time.

My main issue is the counter of the charge. It doesn’t work. I did whatever I could - right up his face, as far away as I can for my skill range. Right infront the face, slightly angled, big angle. Nothing works.


I had same issue countering, thought i was just a touch too slow each time cos the ability would go on cd…

Killed him 4 times so far with party finder people and longest kill has been 7 minutes.

Sure its not 2min kill like Deskaluda, but for me its worth the effort.

Yeah, idk what are people complaining about, it’s just 10 extra minutes of daily content on your main, better than braindead deskaluda.

Now if I had 5 characters at 1460, that would be annoying and I wouldn’t do it.

I have this issue with bosses sometimes, where if i recently counter them, then they flash blue again too soon and enter a counter window, my counter attacks will fail. It happens to me on a lot of bosses, deska included. I’m not sure if there is some mechanic in unaware of where someone else, or multiple people have to throw the second counter or what. Or it’s just a visual bug where they shouldn’t be going blue again so soon idk

Skipped him.
Gonna continue farming Deskaluda 2-3mins run instead of wasting 6-7mins + battle items on this guardian.

This is a pretty easy guardian, not this much item consumming when good item repartition, bunch of Leapstone, let’s go

Just do it once for the extra chest, then go back to birdie… D:

Green helgiaia, frozen turtle , next is Shadow Light Vertus with Achates and shadow mechanics

It takes longer time to clear than deskaluda for sure but I kinda enjoyed it, maybe because it’s new.

6 mins here and my party is 1460 only, once you understand the atack
patterns and the mechs its easy, more annoying than deskaluda for sure but i think the extra leapstones and mats worth it

6 Minute Pugs and I’m sure the time will go down. I’ll continue doing the turtle. It isn’t any level of difficulty higher than the bird. I think the rewards make it worth.

It’s fun

He is meaty but fun. Bring destruction nades to haste the process.

I prefer to just solo the bird
Imagine playing with other people in an mmo

Only doing Kangelanium for the first clear chest, back to Deskaluda until Hanumatan releases.

You will not do Bird until Hanu lol
Unless you don’t want any of the new mats and leapstones from the 1490 guardian.

i prefer idiot who play mmos solo just solo boss