How do you guys reach 1445+ with +20 weapon

My chaos dungeon rarely drop red mats, and I was like have to wait for the Artisan’s Energy reach 100% to finally move on to the next level(from +15 to +16)

R M T that’s it


I stayed at 1370 and stacking alot of mats not worrying. i dont give a signle fuck about vyckys or other tryharder content, will do they ez carry with the mass, later.


They bought gold.


Friend hit 1445 and +20 weapon

He has 2 level 12 items still.

Used about 50-60k gold in honing mats id guess from 17-20.

Slowly but surely you’ll get there. Make sure you’re buying out the guild shop, event vendor(s), challenge guardians, etc. if you’re constantly running out of mats. Waiting for my leapstone stockpile to go back up after the push to 1415 to go higher, and I’ve got 2 stacks of red mats sitting in my roster storage so far after the push from 1385 → 1415.

sold all my blue mats, its easy to farm when u have few alts

I got very lucky. I just hit 500 failed hones total and I’m 1467 with a +19

Using bonus mats on as many honing attempts as possible goes a long way. Playing since D1 and having the ark pass + premium ark pass. Doing all the horizontal progression

I only had 2 alts at or above 1345 for most of it. Only recently have I caught them up. it’s really either money spent or time spent in the game.

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alts and playing all day. im not ftp, but im not a whale either so idk what to tell you

I got a fused leapstone free upgrade today on my weapon. Not even kidding.
Pity for +19, got free +20. What can you do, it’s RNG.

Where to see how may times you failed hones?

Rng, it take me 3week for 1400->1415 and only 1 week for 1415->1445

Alts guy, alts. Look, ALL OF CONTENTS, ALL, (READ) ALL, giv you 1/3 red mats of blue mats. For example, if you get in chaos dungeon 300 blue mats, you will get ± 100 red mats (same for every contents in game, including events). Now, mutiply for 6 or more alts, and mind have ship (weekly mats pirate coins). Its not hard to get, but, no cheap too. This game is based on alt. If you don’t have alts, you have to be very lucky, rich or you will wait longer than others just to reach the highest levels.

mats from alts and lots of luck for me, i needed 11 tries from +17 to +20

Alts, playing since the start, and realizing it’s a marathon and not a sprint so you need to find an enjoyable play pattern for you.

T1/T2 alts rested chaos. Don’t need to do anything else, but if you only have t1/t2 alts doing guardians for some leapstone gold is reasonable & doing unas for rep rewards is reasonable. Late t2 you could also do 2x feiton leap unas.

T3 alts rested chaos + rested guardians + 2x quick feiton leap unas (takes under 1m with 3x bifrost)

Park alts at 1340 once main is 1385 to propel main the fastest. Get some alts to 1370, maybe one per week with event mat infusion, later on when it doesn’t really hold main back (when you’re out of bound leaps on main pretty much).

The big mistake people make is trying to push one alt then making another and trying to push that. Go as wide as you can reasonably enjoy and let them progress mostly naturally using only bound leaps/shards. Doing tower on alts also helps, up to floor 3X in t1 and floor 44-45 in T2.

3 options
1 play for a thousand hours at least with lots of alts and do everything you can.
2 spend tens of thousands of dollars on in game purchases to purchase gold
3 spend like 10% of that on rmt like everyone else then come and say that you’re sad that we have so many bots like everyone else


4 option
Don’t blindly follow every guide and rage hone.
I got 1445 with 700h and 3x1340 alts.

i think every person that plays like 4-5h a day already has +20 weapon and ist over 1445+
Even my Paladin has +20 Weapon its not realy hard if you do your daily upgrades and play every day.

Eh. Its rng, i hit 500 honing failures taking my first char to 1370.

f2p no ridiculously expensive sale that paid for everything ?

if yes then i salute you, you’re the most efficient player i’ve met so far

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