How do you like your server?

Bergstorm NA here and i never ever see real people… kinda makes me want to swap to valtan

careful, the OCE players will say valtan is not NA-W its oce even tho its not lmao

when does group content start? when will i feel like im not playing single player game

NAW - Mari. Whale server. pretty nice. but when there are whales, there are bots

You’re on the same server as me. I see alot of bots. They need to combine all the low population NA west servers

NA-East: Avesta.

Decent amount of whales, normal players and botters.

I like my server. =)

yes asap or server transfers on cashshop… i feel like its only me here and a million bots

I feel bad for the new players. They won’t be able to do any of the islands bc of how low the population is and the players that are here are already T3 just chillin.

yeah thats me i am the new player and it is forsure killing my vibe

I’m currently on Akkan, b u t… Current queue time to even log into the server is over 2500. Mari is worse at over 4550. Most of the people on the server seem to be gold bots. Bots out number players by at least 10 to 1… If your just following the quest line and enjoy that part of the game, then be thankful your on a low population server…

Mines alright
Pretty stable economy with prices in the lower side compared to NA (68-72 perGHL)

Bot trains in low level areas :cry:
but feiton and punika seem untouched by bots and have plenty of actual players in towns so it’s not too bad

Prices are region wide and not server wide.

The EUC (and EUW even tho its dead) market got way lower prices. Most whales are in US and our market crashed way earlier but its stable now for a while

Back to topic:

Im on Asta the “german” server at EUC and im super happy. Its full, got some nice ppl beside the tipical trolls, and there are tons of different channels wherever I go. Even at unusual times it feels alive