How do you make gold?

I’m trying to finish the adventure tome in Punika to 80% for the greater skill potion, working on collectibles… farming mobs that don’t seem to drop any of the ones I need… and the ones I do get I can’t even put up for sale because i have no gold to pay the deposits…

Nothing drops gold, how do you get gold? Also even if I could sell anything, the values are so low I can’t make anything.

Best way right now is selling mats from alt and use event mats to progress.
Accessories, punika collection whatever song stone call is 500g each. Been getting myself 2-4k a day doing that.

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So basically, you have to make the game a job, and if you don’t have the time or desire to play anything but your main and have fun, you’re screwed… wow, what a dogshit game.

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…took me 1-2 hours a day after I got 1 alt to T3. Dude, stop blaming game and put some effort into it. The game current economy is literally f2p friendly right now, isnt that what you want lol.

Or are you just making this post just to shit on this game? Based on your old replies.


Well kinda gone the opposite really lol. I was making 5k a day as a f2p, now its like 500g a day doing same thing lol.

If this game wanted to improve, they’d just make 1000s = 1 gold, so when you sell items to a vendor, eventually you would make gold… but making silver and gold like oil and water… all you do is hurt your players.

Selling accessoires, sniping adventure islands 1-1.5k a week but most of income is good accessoires

And at 1370 you’ll get guranteed at least x3 nodes of your class and then if you get any of the good engraves x3 aswell then your easily doing 5k+ with each. And the chance is not really low, instead the chance is higher that every week you make gold with them .

Had like 40k gold this week went down to 12k for power pushing my alt and upping mari/nineveh rapport

Do abyss raid weekly.

I got a book I can sell, I’d make 950g but it would cost me 50g just to sell it and I don’t have the deposit money, like wtf…

I can’t even unlock abyss raid

Do current zone (depend on ilvl). Also you need to complete t1 abyss and upword in order to get to whatever abyss your ilvl eauql.

do whatever abyss you can do, Una tasks is a nice chunk of change

No it is not they dont give gold at all.

no gold from anhything you just said.

what dont give gold?

If you are talking about abyss you are doing the wrong tier. If you are a t2 character you have to do t2 abyss for gold. you can preview the rewards before queueing

You need to be 1370 to unlock those.

Ah you are troll.

This game needs more ways to make gold… seriously.

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I think this is Vladimir 2nd account.


what are you basing this on?
if you want to make this type of statement you should at least provide numbers on why you think the current in game obtainable gold is insufficient for gameplay purposes

if you max out ulna’s tasks for a week you have enough gold to hone all the way to t3