How do you Obtain more Phoenix Feathers?

Hello again another question. How do you obtain more phoenix feathers? I tried looking on Merchants and stuff but no luck.

The plumes are a limited resource, so if you used all yours up already, you either need to find welcome challenges that give them, daily login rewards, or buy them with blue crystals.

Thank You That sucks I get 50 when I log in 6 days but I cant get through this one dungeon now and Im stuck

Try to use matchmaking and let others help you complete it.

Here is where you find a good example of pay for convenience rather than pay 2 win.

You can surely walk back to your body and resume the fight like in any wow dungeon. But the feathers sure are nice aren’t they? That’s how they design it, to get you to buy convenience. Feathers are available for blue crystals which inevitably some way or another come from real money.

Brudda, I’ve got like 200, when do you actually need to use them?

You can buy them with crystals (and buy crystals with gold)