How do you priorize dailies with high amount of alts


i’ve 1505 main + 5x 1475 and + 14x 1415 for now.

on main+main alts im doing cd/una daily, as i plan to hone my 1475sh to 1490.

all GR with rested only- i’ve calculated for the 1415 that it’s more worth (in gold) to do GR and skip CD on them as i wont hone them further. i also skip lopang for now at least, but there will be a time where i also will do lopang una’s and/or gr.

how do you do it?

I dont, i just dont do everything.
As an guy with 3 shift job it would be imposible.


20 chars is pretty insane. I play based on how much i know wont burn me out.

At 10 chars it is doable but the most comfotable i am is at 5 chars. I been doing 0 rest bonus on 10 chars but thinking of stopping 2 of my chars due to how much i dislike the classes.

But yea, 0 rest bonus on any content for me

tbh just run GR and CD with rested, if you do that with 6 or so characters each day only you’ll end up with a nice rotation going most likely.
In a raw gold sense CD is worth more than GR’s due to shards
lopang takes minutes (you probably spend more time on loading screens) to do so no point in not doing them tbh

Since your not looking for a comment or advice on your own roster doing daily content with 20 characters I’ll leave that one be.

I run all guardians and CD rested (every 3 days) I do 2+2+3. Daily CD on my main but thinking of moving it to rested since I’m done honing main and doing daily CD on my alt main.

Rest bonus only really. Just divide your number of characters by a 3rd, thats all your really required to play if you just play rested only. You still get a very NICE influx of materials and IF you wanted to play more, you could play some non-rested.

Some people play their main full time and alts get rested cycled. Some just do the whole run 1 chaos/gr a day and collect the bonuses that way. But you dont need to burn yourself out by running the entire roster every day.

I do CD and Unas almost daily on my 6 goldchars and rested CD and Unas on all other alts.
For guardians I do 2 days of rested guardians and one special dispatch per character to keep it a clean 7 day cycle.

having 20 characters you play daily on is insane unless you are a content creator.


Alt character with the most of rest bonus

i do 6 characters then if i have time left i’ll do more. but most of the time i really cant handle more chaos dungeons for that day and just do lopang on them + use the stronghold to get me some extra leapers

Gotta love the mods deleting posts but I’ll repost and censor some words.

mods can you give me the lost ark twitch link so i can go discover some hot tub streams too?

like imagine thinking you could ever compete with whales?
You can’t…so logic says you want to compete with other ppl for mvp that’s it.

if you can do next raid at 1490…why are you struggling to be as “efficient” as possible? for what?

to get mvp that’s it

like tell me ONE reason to push past 1490, push multiple alts to 1490 that doesn’t include you being what?.. 4-6 months ahead and be ready for akkan too?

like dude if you are TODAY already 2 months ahead 1490 or over for the next raid and will likely get so much mats/gold in that 2 months to get even further ahead already come brel upgrade than have another 4+ months to prep for akkan why try so hard?

it’s all ppl who need to see themselves on the mvp screen over others but fact is you’ll never beat a whale.

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I don’t do Guardian Raid at all other than my favorite few characters. I do Chaos everyday only because Boss Rush tickets can make you money. Honestly doing Guardian Raids everyday for all characters is nuts and not worth it. I don’t even use rest bonus. I just forget about it.

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Its actually a decent source of gold and its how a lot of people make a nice supplement to their gold income.

AT 50g a Leapstone.
Each Turtle Kill gives roughty 300-350g each time (non rested)
Each Deksa Kill gives roughly 250-300g each time (non rested)

A roster of 6 running that can do 2 turtles and 4 deskas and does them every day earns ~3750/day or 26k a week. Assuming 15min per double clear guardian raids earn ~42g a min (Legion raids can be roughly 45-75g/min as reference and Adventure Islands is ~75g/min)

or people can just enoy the game and wanna play more different classes in more content xd

I need to keep my sanity tho.

I’m fine with 6 characters. Sometimes I just play two or maybe none and then focus on all 6. I think more than 6 alone is more optimal than just doing chaos 364 dungeons with no resonance.

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I have 13 chars, a pile of which were Event Passed/Power Passed to try out.

At this point I am taking 7 characters to Brel and beyond.

Only priority is 3 Una and 2 Chaos on each of these characters. Only GR when we have 4 and only when rested. Usually we look for a weekend night to pump out as much as possible.

Everything else is relegated to Guild Donate + Login every day, I will Chaos with them when I want to. I use their Bloodstones to buy Reds for the Top characters.

i just do what i wanna do for the day.
feeling healing play with my bard/pally
feeling like mashing button play with sh/zerk
feeling like dps ing play with sorc
feeling like tanking play with gl
feeling like ironman play with scouter
and so on

the best part of this game start when you already ditch fomo mentality, and trully enjoy the game at your pace.

is easy, you have 20, if you want you can choise your 2 best characters (main and another 1475 who easy clean the dailies) to play every day with them

now you have 18 alts to play, clear all the guardians, chaos and una quest, then start selecting 6 characters, the next day they will not have bonus but its ok, the next day choise another 6, they will have only bonus +1, but the next day your 1st group will have the bonus +2, so then you start to make it really easy, playing 6 alts every day, with double rewards per day, we are doing it, i have not 20 but with 14 im playing 4 per day easy, i will not burning my game and will enjoy to play many class and diferent mechs

my english isnt good but i was trying to expalin how to play without make it hard or boring because your brain will get tired of doing the same thing every day and you will stop playing or you will have to change the way you do it so as not to leave the game

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I only go up to like 2 or 3 characters where I do all their dailies. I have 18 of all different levels.

Most of them sit around doing nothing in a given week. Just whichever ones I feel like.

Not worth it to me to stress over having to do X, Y and Z all the time every day.