How do you report people abusing the warning and kicking you for doing the mechs?

Hi, I don’t post a lot, but this pisses me a bit.

Imaging being matchmaking in Caliligos, being the only one that throws whirlwind grenade and destruction bomb during the SCD check (that we obviously failed).

Then imagine being warned and kicked out of the party in phase 3, the system doesn’t kick you out of the party and dungeon yet.

Then further imagine being kicked out during the winning scene, not being able to claim not one, but 2 soul harvest because you were rested.

Now, what the hell am I supposed to do? I cannot report the players, I lost my 2 harvest and all I have left is this bitter taste in my mouth of meeting 3 trolls in the game that abused its system.


EDIT: Found out I can report them from the “Recent” players tab. But 1 report isn’t going to go anywhere. The warning and kick system is so easy to abuse.

Hello @TuN0ob, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to read about your experience with these players during a Caliligos raid, while you’re in the party it is possible to report them by pressing Ctrl + Right click their characters, their nameplates or their names in a chat message.

If you’re not in a party anymore and don’t have a chat message you can also use the Recent tab of the Friends menu, as you mentioned, or report them through a web ticket in the Amazon Games Support website, you can also provide screenshots or any additional information through here:

Also I would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the warning and kick system, I’ll forward it to our dedicated team, if you wish to provide more feedback about this or any other issue that may need improvement you can do so in the Game Feedback section here in the forums.

Have a good day in Arkesia.