How do you spend your queue time?

Simple question. I am only 10K queue on Mari at 10 am on a Tuesday. I will be playing Postal: Brain Damage. It’s a fun shooter.

AGS reduced server pop on NA and they’re reaping what they sow now.

in EU we have 0 queues

By drawing lol



I do my uni work that I am supposed to do, but due to my Lost Ark addiction, am falling behind…

Wish I could draw :frowning:

I’ve started keeping a bunch of smaller games that I can play, Mobile games or PC. This was mainly because I got tired of doing Chaos Dungeons X12 and Guardians Raids X12. So I lowered my chores and started playing other ones. Modded Minecraft and me and a couple friends restarted an old Ark: Survival server we had. I’m in summer and too broke to afford summer classes so I can’t really do homework.

I watch Zeals or Quin and go on the forums to call people stupid

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doing life stuff.

I enter the queue then leave. maybe walk the dog, make dinner. run an errand or 2. I think ther queue is going to be anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. Plenty of time to get some stuff done. Come back home to see the character screen.

I usually take a nap for 2 hours because i always play when i get home from work, oh if you are gonna do this dont forget to set an alarm :smiley:

I’ve yet to have a queue in NA East.

The moment I do I’ll play something else instead or do a commission job.

You guys are mad for sitting in a queue more than 10-15 minutes.
Path of Exile league launches don’t even have queues like I’ve heard of here.

Play some short games or low brain power games

Card games like Hearthstone, Yugioh or pull out some TFT or something

Do a little League Aram and run it down in 15
Just something to pass the time

If only. Queues are anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. I live on the west coast.

Now for something different.
Postal Dude Double Kick!!

I load the game up, click my server, get greeted with a queue between 10-20k I close the game down, I played something else for the day. Thats how I been dealing with the queue

I work :joy:

Been playing the various Next Fest games on Steam. Some pretty good stuff.

I started playing chess, though I suck… Also, I’ve caught up with my manhwas.