How do you think PvP can be improved?


This is a thread made for a discussion about how developers can improve PvP in Lost Ark

How should developer improve class balancing? How must matchmaking system be fixed? If you have any ideas on mind - please, feel free to leave them here!

Also, we have gather about 200 responds on this player survey with more specific questions on specific topics. It should not take more than 5-15 minutes. We would highly appreciate your answer here as well!


They need to review the whole Super Armor / Tenacity ratio. All classes should be equal for that matter. That would be easy to do I think, most skill have super Armor or Tenacity in their PVE form. Just pass it down to PVP as well


Hi @HesitantAli,

Great thread to start for feedback suggestions! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

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As a 4+ years veteran in PvP I agree with that. Or they could re-look at their correlation of like, speed of a class and amount of armor, it’s damage, and other factors



Some thoughts from Wizah, Grandmaster Paladin on NAE ----

Most of these changes I suggest are logistic and about the system, and not about the actual gameplay.

Simple Matchmaking and Ranking Changes (Inspired by other games) -

a) Forced 3 dps vs. 3 dps OR 1 support 2 dps vs. 1 support 2 dps , unless match cannot form after 5 minutes

b) Tighten MMR gap for matching - with the condensed MMR system, it causes wide disparity in MMR in matches - Grandmasters + 2 silver vs. Master + 2 silver for example is unnacceptable, unless past a certain time point when MMR should widen for matching

c) Methods to reduce wintrading/boosting - inspired from WoW and other games - you cannot match versus the same people more than 2x in a row

d) OPTIONAL: Class specific ladder addition (on top of existing ladder) which allows for grandmaster spots in each class, given disparity in strength of the classes - see Solo Shuffle Ladder style from WoW for example

Rewards and Other Thoughts -

a) I play PVE regularly as well, and the rewards from the PvP shop DO NOT SCALE properly with the level of content we are in - for example buying out the PVP shop at this point is barely an upgrade at a +15 level gear - there is no purpose for a PVE player to then do their weekly una’s for PVP, or even accumulate coins, besides at the times when a new content tier is released.

b) Sponsored events with streamers - we have already seen the effectiveness of this and Ali mentioned this in his video

c) Rotating casual pvp game modes similar to Co-op, but at more times of the day and with higher incentive than normal 3v3 or 1v1

d) 1v1 ranked ladder - there is a niche audience that enjoys this content and it would share players from 3v3, also many PVE players prefer the 1v1 content to 3v3

Thanks - Wizah


Appreciate it man <3