How does DoT work?

Hello there.

I’m new to the game, mostly trying and calculating things right now, and I have one domaine of confusion.

How does DoT work ?

I mean, obvously I see the tri-pod offering burn solution (Currently playing as a sorceress) and I also obviously see the debuff and damage over time.

But how this damage are properly calculated ?

Three reasons : First, the number on those DoT tri-pod are incredibly underwhelming most of the time, meaning there is mathematically little chance to make them relevant.

Second : It’s unclear how this number interract with other damage boost tri-pod (does my ignite tri-pod damage get buff by a tri-pod that boost the skill damage by 40% or only the base skll damage is concerned) and how does it intererract with stats like crit and expertise

Third : From my testing, despite number already being underwhelming, actual testing make them do less that what they ought to do.

Exemple with tri-pod red hail which make your wave apply a 5sec DoT, while the DoT, based on descripton in the ability book, ought to do roughly as much damage as the skill itself, resulting in a theorical +100% damage, the result are a lot less that this
I also tried to consider in my calculation that the red hail DoT didn’t benefit from the 40% damage bonus from the second line tri-pod, but even like this, when I use the spell on a boss, the initial damage make up 80-90% of the damage and the dot barely account for the rest