How does Founders pack skin work?

I know it’s limited to one character per account, but how do you claim the skin for a particular character? I’ve heard people say that the first character you make will get the skin, and others say you claim it in the mailbox on whatever character you want it on.

Anyone played RU/KR know for a fact how it works?

They changed it a while back, when you redeem your stuff now, you will get chests.

Each chest gonna have X item in them, you can (if it’s the same as KR) leave it on your “Account mail box” (normally everything you buy on the ingame shop goes to there first).

After that you can redeem it with any char you want. Also, most of those boxes are tradeble within your account (as long as you don’t open it) so you can put it on your shared bank tab.

The Founder’s Pack Chest will go to your Roster Storage, and when you take it out and open it you will find nested chests inside. These will be the skin-specific chests you will want to open with the character/Class you want to use it on. They will not immediately bind when getting the initial Platinum/Gold/Whatever chest opened up.


So when do they bind to character now? When you open one of the nested chests or equip the item?

Considering that they’ve created skin-specific chests inside the pack that does not automatically bind upon opening the Pack chest, it will be when you open the specific chest.

There would be no reason to create a separate asset if that wasn’t the case.

For the skins, it will be when you open the chest to receive the items (this is how you will receive each individual skin piece, so at that point they will match the class that opened them)


Oh wow, so you could, for instance, get the hat for one class and use the rest for another class? Or the whole set is in a single chest?

Also, if you could verify whether or not skins from founder packs will be tradeable on the market, I’d be grateful. (Apologies, I see you responded about this in a different thread)

To be sure, can I buy the platinum and gold pack and receive 3 skins?

Yes, you get 3 skins

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Sorry if it wasn’t clear, it is delivered in individual pieces that you equip, but the whole set is in the chest so will only be for one Class.

I don’t have word on tradability yet, will keep you posted when this is locked down.


Ok, thanks for the clarification!

Yup, you will get two Founder’s Exclusive Skins and the Platinum Skin


How do we get two plat skins as there are 2 I want :frowning:

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Going off what is shown above, you can’t, not on the same account.

You get 2x Founders skins if you have Gold and Plat, as each have a founders skin in them. But you can’t have 2x Plat packs or 2x Gold packs on the same account.

@Roxx will the platinum skins be in the shop or is there any way to get multiple of them?

unfortunately that’s not possible… cause i want 3 plat skins… but since you can’t stack the plat pack it’s not possible yikes… hard decision to make here. i want the shadow hunter + soulfist + gunslinger plat outfits but i can only pick one :sob:

Oh no, is this confirmed or another thing that is to be clarified in the Jan update? I have like 4 or 5 of them that I want :frowning:

it was confirmed. you cannot stack the same type of founder pack. you can only buy 1 of each :sob:

Damn. Well here’s to hoping they end up tradable.

i hope so too! cause i have no idea if we can trade them or not :sob:

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