How does the skin system work

So what happens with a skin if you delete a character where it is stored. Since you can’t have skins bound to your account I am interested how this works.

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If you have any skins that arent bound to a specific character then you can put them in your team roster inventory.

If they are character bound they will be lost if you delete the character.

This game was never built on the back end to take into account things like server transfers or people jumping around much.

It’s ideology is very much like diablo… each toon has things specific to that toon. Most skins are advanced class specific too so they didnt think back in the day people would need multiple copies of it because once you made your berserker lets say, thats that.

Now obviously this is an MMO with guilds, social aspect all sorts of stuff that is beyond the scope of diablo and they never took this into accout with how server populations would pan out.


Unless I’m missing something cash shop skins in this game are character bound. I can not put them in the Roster Storage. So people should know. Because either I have to unlock something or there is a lot of misinformation on this topic.

I tested this with the mage skin in the cash shop atm.

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