How does the "swap" work for the hyper express?


Thinking of pushing a 1340 I currently have to 1370 instead of a fresh 1302 and hold that pass for later while I make a decision

But lets say I DID use it on a 1302, could I just pass it over to a 1340 and that character would get everything else?

Also, say I just said “eh w/e” and used it on that 1340, does he still get those rewards from 1302-1340? Or would I be locked out of them forever and/or could I just switch it to a 1302 and get the rewards on that character?

Once you hone once, you can no longer “swap” the pass to a different character. If using on a higher then 1302 character (like 1340) you should still have access to the 1302 to 1340 “quests” and rewards. Note that a lot of the rewards are “character bound” but there are some roster bound rewards.

Hmm, I see, good to know