How does your Main affect your game mentality?


this is a no toxic post. Its about how your Main affects your perspective on the game. Not in a negative way but how you play the game and structure your adventure. Maybe we can learn about each other classes so we can understand the game better.

We all know that you dont choose the main but the main chooses you. So how does your main affect you brain?

Let me start: I am a Taijutsu Scrapper Main. I am spoiled by my class with her build variety, tankyness, all-round kit and low skill point cost. With 348 Skillpoints my build is pretty much finished and anything else is just a nice bonus. So I didn’t really do my adventure tomes except of the mandatory stuff. Most Adventure Tomes are only at 70% while I just recently started to go for ignea tokens due to boredom.

I lack damage potential in comparison to other dps classes but my all-round kit and great movement makes me, how I feel, a mechanic-player. Its very important to me to destroy and to stagger whenever its possible. If I don’t I feel useless. While I have a 100% uptime I don’t feel like sitting in the back of the boss but also moving out and moving back in to avoid attacks which is very easy due to her exceptional movement skills and double-dash (single-4-second-dash).

The usage of potions is very low due to again her exceptional movement abilities.

I feel that its my job to help the party. Its not important to me do the highest dps while its nice when it happens. I feel like I don’t need supports, I don’t need synergy with special classes. I am pretty much there and just work.

Because of my ridicoulous kit. I don’t need to use grenades. The only grenades I use are corrosive bombs for valtan due to my 5 destruction-skills with low cooldown. Just for you to know. Its possible for me to use 7 Destructions on valtan during his second destruction-phase when the first destruction-phase was succesfull. Meaning when he comes back down and goes for the next destruction-phase its an instant success.

I hate chaos dungeons but love bossfights. The harder the better.

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Honestly, I think there is no such thing as “main” in Lost Ark. There are characters with high item levels and with low item levels :smiley:

And yes, the class you play has a huge impact on how you experience the game.

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This statement is completely wrong. You always use nades because other kits do not have your tools. There’s no “I dont need to use x in lost ark”. that’s like saying: Get futzed guys you should pay and I will just chill".

This mentality will lead to wipes at later raids.

It doesn’t besides the fact that when I’m switching off my main DB to another class I typically don’t want to play the fighter classes and enjoy a more variety of gameplay. Artillerist is super fun to change into because it’s almost the opposite playstyle compared to constantly keeping up the Surge rotation and feels very refreshing and fun to play. Glaivier doesn’t get even near there as the playstyle is just some-what too similar except you change the MVP screens into having more stagger, 2x counters and a shielding ability, which to me is a net negative


But you have that one class which gets all mats funneled into right? And this doesn’t happen without a reason.

I funnel everything into the scrapper because I have the most fun with her. And I think its because the reasons I mentioned above. I recently started the destroyer and feel the same about him. Or rather feel similar to how I feel when I play my scrapper.

On the other hand I absolutely despise my gunslinger.

Well I might have exagerated. I use nades but not destruction and stagger grenades. My kit feels more effective than those two. So I use different ones, let it be corrosive, sleep, pheremon. I don’t know the uses of other grenades yet but again. Its very important to me to succeed in every mechanic the game throws at me.

When I play SH I don’t give a damn about anything. I just scrscrsscrsrcscrs.

My main is a sharpshooter, and because of how little to none superarmor exist in his skills, one touch from the enemy can cancel my hardest hitting skill, hence I have to learn to dodge like Neo from Matrix. On exception of certain attacks I learnt that I can tank, only I tank.

Edit : K deleted the others, don’t want arguments on opinions :x


How can a main character in a videogame can affect your mentality, lmao ?

Nothing has changed for me as a FI Wardancer. I’ve just stopped walking irl, sprinting is much more efficient, I have a lack of stamina to do frontflips every 5 seconds but I’m watching parkour videos on youtube.

Hello there I am Essentia, the bard!

As I never saw myself as a support role in any game ever, here it got to me. I played bard on russian client before game came to our regions even! Oh the leveling process was a nightmare and so was every single story dungeon but bard is so much fun that I pushed through it (twice hah!)

I was amazed at the weapon at first, the lovely elven lady playing the harp was the deciding factor to me, I’ve never seen anything like that! Although according to sound of her skills she is not very good at it but I’m sure she is trying her best! :'D I am very much about the looks so I would like to get her some new skins (and collect as many as I possibly can).

My one and only job is keeping people alive, healed and protected while providing them buffs and even ability to cheese some mechanics with me (due to my amazing kit and Rhapsody - which can easily be renamed to immortality). I don’t have much movement so I struggle sometimes, but I’m always trying my best. I use all battle items I like everywhere I possibly can, guardians included - for I love to break records and push limits. My dps usually laughs at me and flames me for ‘wasting bombs’. Idm tho :smiley: I very much so like to help people and I absolutely love playing bard that when I’m done with my own stuff I sometimes join random parties for random guardians to help other players clear it easier. I would like to teach a lot of people how to play around bard for she can provide you so much! - if you let her!

Right now I am 1475 ilvl and focusing on getting those damned Desperate Salvation books so I can go 5x3 engravings in some of a near future? I hope. Maybe better casino rock? And all that stuff, but first skins! I like to be dressed nicely for screenshots! Sometimes people call me roleplayer. :'D

My biggest flex can arguably be clearing both towers on my Bard when I didnt have the gear I have now. I cursed a lot - it was very therapeutic haha! And I will do it again with the bridge. >:)

All in all just a bard jumping around, living a simple life, collecting plants on lullaby, helping those in need and taking a lot of selfies!


Great Post Essentia!!

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Fair enough although I really think you should use stagger and destruction nades even if you are high in these. I always use destruction for exaple in Valtan even though I am a zerker and could get away without using it. I just like to make things easier for other people.

For example imagine a gunlancer coming to you saying: “because of my insane kit I can tank the bleeds of wolf on gate one Valtan. The rest of you just deal with lazers by using potions”

You get my point I think :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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wow wallpaper material


Yes indeed I do. So what is your highest char and why do you love him the most?

Thank you very much! :blush:

I’m a zerker. I used to love the class for how easy it was at lower levels but now I love the class because of how hard it is at legion raids haha.

Zerkers are also surprisingly good at supporting the party with their buffs. It is a useful class all around and I like that aspect of it.

Apart from that I enjoy my Artilerist and my Demon hunter a great deal also because of their easier playstyle.


I have a friend in my guild who is also a zerker main. He also said that it got increasingly harder with his class. But it is fun because he had to play smarter and utilize his skills better. Its a very good mentality to have!

I am a destroyer and I look at the world with a nihilistic attitude.

Adventure tome? Don’t care
Mokokos? Don’t care
Roster level? Don’t care
Titles? Island souls? Other collectibles? Don’t care

All I feel is a perpetual need for fleshy matter to coat the surface of my hammer.


Im a paladin, that is all.