How "DPS meter is bad" argument is wrong

So for people who say “DPS meters are bad because it can be used to hurt others”

here’s why this argument is imo wrong with all due respect:

Knives are bad because they can be used to stab others
Cars are bad because they can be used to run over others

etc… get it ? it’s the user not the tool itself

so please spare me… P.S. why don’t you remove the MVP screen which induces toxic behavior too?

treating all players as children and preventing them from using necessary tools which can help them improve is just bad


I don’t really care about this but didn’t KR/RU don’t have this feature? Idk.

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i’d personally like to see how my dps matched up if i didn’t get mvp in the group.
i kinda get why they don’t show everyone’s stats to everyone 'cus babies would get their feelings hurt when someone makes fun of them for not contributing to the group.
but letting us see at least just personal stats could help w/o having any issues.


There are many other reasons DPS meters are bad, especially in Lost Ark.

By adding a DPS meter you would encourage ppl even more to ignore boss mechanics (which in LostArk are WAY more important than pumping max dps) just so theyre up the meter.

Also the Classes are not balanced arround DPS properly. Many classes bring important party buffs or unique debuffs to the fight and ppl would ask to unify all of them (like it happened in WoW) destroying the unique aspects of each and every class just in order to balance their dps meters.

There is more to this but im to lazy to get it in more detail because its worthless anyways, Smilegate stated dps meters wont make it into the game because they know.

So its good as it is and the discussion is obsolete anyways.


as soon as I submit my post here you started typing, did you even read?




I wouldn’t bother to reply if I didn’t read.

And for those I actually didn’t read, I put TL;DR at the start because I only skimped.

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I replied to the other guy but it doesn’t show because this forum can be weird

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i assume when someone mentions “dps meter” they also are asking for all other stats as well for the more support players to be seeing how well they’re doing.
it more comes down to people just liking seeing numbers so just give everyone a number they can try to improve, it shouldn’t make people ignore mechanics 'cus a dead player isn’t getting high dps.


Discussion is obsolete to you, when lots of players start making proper/logical arguments they can be taken into consideration, hence why we use forums to be heard

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True but this particular discussion/topic has been discussed in all its glory allready.
And Smilegate adressed this multiple times and gave out DPS meter for trixion but explicitly said DPS meters outside testing ground wont be a thing.

So i think thats beating a dead horse here.


they didn’t hear enough from EU/NA players, so we’re here to make proper arguments to why it should be included, and no matter what you say is not gonna be good enough as an argument… try refute my 2 metaphors used in the OP (knives are bad coz they can be used to stab others) and I’ll be here listening.


You can allready guess your and others performance based on the MVP screen. I dont know why we would need anything going in to more detail.
Look here:

So if you want to know who has the biggest dick, and that is in my experience everything people who want dps meters care about, you can!


Allright so i guess we then can end this here x)
have a good one dude


DPS meter is not the same as MVP screen in terms of detailed performance, but an overall general performance measuring tool, not what I’m asking for tho

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I’ll do a rundown to what you mentioned in your original reply:

This is laughable at the very least, absolutely not true and makes no sense… I play other games with DPS meter on and apply all necessary mechanics… dont’ know what you’re on about.

How is this even relevant? Smilegate literally brings charts in LOAON with lowest performing classes based on Data they have and they acknowledge the fact that there will always be imbalance (everygame duh?)

you’re not too lazy, you just don’t have any proper arguments to provide


There is still more bad than good for a dps meter. People are going to play extra selfish just to be “more efficient” in their own dmg output.

A teammate in prison state? I’ll ignore them to keep my dmg meter up. Going into a safe spot mechanic? Let me try to squeeze an extra second for my charge up move.

I can already imagine the clumsiness in game play if people had a dps meter infront of them.


its also opening pandoras box

next thing ull see is ppl asking for deadlybossmods and weakauras


DPS meter is a tool to improve your overall in-game performance. Sure you can do it in other ways too and we can manage without it but I wouldn’t call it bad and or useless just because people are toxic. People are toxic in pvp too and you don’t remove it. Same thing happens in raids when people don’t skip the cutscene and you don’t remove it so I’m not sure why would “toxicity” be the reason not to implement it. I can’t see how dps meter makes you avoid mechanics either. There is already so much minmaxing in the game so why wouldnt we have a little cherry on top as well?


Yes it’s the players using dps meters that make them terrible, nobody is arguing against that