How "DPS meter is bad" argument is wrong

How so? if what you’re saying is true then we should remove the MVP because apply your logic there, if I don’t do dmg I won’t be on MVP screen.

the tool can be used wrong, doesn’t mean the tool is bad and we get rid of it, if you can’t control the bad outcome of that tool, that’s your own fault.


that is the player issue. Instead of “removing” or not including dps meter because of such meter might as well remove and not include those players instead as they are clearly toxic towards other people


For a harder raids, like region raids, people are almost forced to be in a group for hours together. In most cases, they use mic to communicate with each other too.

If you can see your own stats, I bet the group will ask you send those to them by discord. Just because they are private in-game does not mean it is actually private :joy:

I think the current MVP system is enough to encourage players to do their best to be in the MVP screen, further details would just add toxicity


MVP screen happens after the raid or dungeon is done so you can focus on gameplay only. Gold River put it there for people like you that want your ego stroked in PvE content.


this is the same bad argument every time… If knives can be used to hurt others, doesn’t mean knives are bad, it’s the use not the tool… get your facts straight

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Yeah but you can’t do that, the simplest and fairest solution is to not give toxic players tools with which they can exercise their toxicity i.e DPS meters


throwing random assumptions that are based on nothing are just empty and pointless, when did I ever say I want to stroke my ego in PvE content? why won’t you understand that you either bring a logical argument or shut up?

Why would you even put the knife in a playground, where it does not belong?

Why do you even want to see the DPS meter in a mechanics-based raids, where DPS itself talks so little about your performance?

I never thought those “DPS meter” were ever used to measure your performance either. It is always used to blame and curse on others. Look at League of Legends.

Your whole knife-can-be-used-to-do-harm is such a shallow logic… Are you not going to stop visitors entering a kindergarten with a knife in his pocket? Tools should only exist in a place where they belong in, and DPS meter has no use in this game in the first place.


psychopaths can buy knives from any grocery store, why don’t we remove knives too?

short-sighted people can drive cars and run into others, why don’t we remove cars?

see how your argument is garbage?

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in pay2win and RNG ruled PvE content :wink:

People don’t realise that you dont have to look at the meter during the raid at all. These days such meters log your data(stagger, buff uptime, damage, everything) and if you are focusing on the raid you can look at it after a hard phase or after full raid to see how you did and what you should improve. You set your bench marks and improve. People will always be toxic if there is such a tool or without it. But there are people with good intentions too


making presuppositions with no basis makes you look like a 10 years old…

assuming that everyone who use this tool will stroke their ego is just bad and wrong, admit it. it’s just like assuming that everyone who uses a knife can be a killer.

Because he can.

ok kiddo, in real life, we don’t remove knives from grocery stores and shops because of insecure people like you always assuming the worst case scenario… get it ?

that’s not how real life work and not how adults handle things.

It isn’t though. Nobody is arguing that DPS meters as a tool are bad, the only argument made against them is how they’re used by players. Just like how a knife as a tool isn’t bad but in the hands of a murderer it is etc.

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You know if u would stop calling me a kid and throw out personal insults all the time i could really try to take u serious bro xD

He really is the exact type of person you’d expect to hold dps meters in such high regard and would absolutely shit on people if he was topping them


People also don’t realise how distracting a dps meter will for the average user. It is going to be like driving while on a cellphone, it is distracting.

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you presupposed I’m an ego-maniac who want to stroke his ego on others, why shouldn’t I be allowed to assume you’re a kid for bringing up 10 years old arguments? not fair for me you know ?

i dont see why i cant know how i did the party? that could be a great tool for me to know if im doing good or bad.

most of the time a paladin or bard are the MVP because of healing factors and i have no idea how i did DPS wise (artillerist main) so yea. id love to see dps meters